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  1. Yup, some area still not available for this service yet. But they are slowly expanding though, previously my area also not available for this service until lately only available. Well, at least we still able to visit the physical shop. More fun when shop with family
  2. Maybe you guys can spend some times to visit Tes co. Last week, I found that they are having baking fair at E-tesco. Many baking ingredient are on discount even the baking tools. But it only last until tomorrow. Better be hurry.
  3. I would the appearance of the cookie is totally fine and it look delicious too. It's amazing when the first baking. Mine was even worst, by the way can I use the coconut milk to replace the vanilla? I prefer the taste to be more spiced....
  4. such a great plan! thanks for sharing i believe that the plan is suitable for my son anyway, thanks for sharing! i will visit the nearest outlet on this coming weekend
  5. Need to spend minimum RM100 for one entry.. if u spend RM300 got 3 entries..
  6. cant wait for cny.. so excited. tesco selling alot of cheaper cny stuff. already bought alot from there. i joined this ong mali contest 3 times..
  7. My son is moving toward 2ndary school currently. He been complained that his friend all holding handphone and it is better to use handphone rather than public phone in order to get us to be contacted. Thinking to apply 1 line for my son... mainly for basic purpose and may required to go online.. Just wondering any suggestion which telco line is suitable for me to apply for my son..??
  8. I heard people you can use TESCO online shop to buy things if you cannot go there.
  9. Can go and grab cheaper baby things at there. Tesco baby faIR from 21 Sep to 11 oct
  10. I already bought baby hamper from tesco baby fair. There got promotion for baby products,baby diapers,hampers and alot.
  11. diapers and bathing product. Both are useful things. I will be consider to buy these too.
  12. I prefer gift. My sis said TESCO got full moon gift set. I will go there buy.
  13. my fren baby full moon soon. i not sure what to buy. can give me some idea?
  14. Kids can easily get bored... My kids no more interested to my Ipad..They prefer play toys and somemore toys are cheaper compare to Ipad.
  15. maybe the 2 GB RAM let you very interested. but maybe the software of the phone does not up to the latest version. i think it is not a good phone except the 2 GB RAM.
  16. You should try out the phone brand that are dominator such as Apple and Samsung. Blackberry ady less demand and is out of trend.
  17. You should try out the phone brand that are dominator such as Apple and Samsung. Blackberry ady less demand and is out of trend.
  18. Honestly im not a football fans..i rarely watch football match thou..after watching this video and the grand event at Dataran Merdeka, I can feel that football can really unite Malaysian!! Malaysia Boleh!! Btw.. The song is not bad afterall..kinda like it after hearing it for few times..haha.. Anybody know where can i download this song? =)
  19. i knw this video!!! i love joe and the music and of course the BOLA!!! Coming...its coming.... the world cup... the blue bola.... hahaha
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