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  1. Thanks for your introducing for this phone ,i was so exited now , I decided want to purchase this phone  :lol: I will go to the clecom outlet for check out the offer :jockey:
  2. I know the model of Blackberry already old ,but i still love the phone with keypad .Iphone or Samsung is good but the lifespan only about 1-2 years.Blackberry is different, I can use up to 3 years and still okay .This is the reason why i love Blackberry :D
  3. Recently, my smartphone was spoilt so I decide to buy one new with affordable price. I am a fan of black Berry (BB) so I prefer to buy BB smartphone as my new smartphone. Who know that where can buy BB smartphone with a good deal??
  4.  Soft bristle toothbrush??are sure by changing toothbrush can relieve gum bleeding?gum bleeding during pregnancy is usually due to hormonal changes..quite common among pregnant woman..dont worry much la
  5. have you ever watch this  #GilaBola video before? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3U2OBQ0VtD4 cel com had compiled all the coolest and maddest pictures that shared on Instagram and created a video. yesterday my friend told me that i was appear inside this video, i feel like OMG and never thought that i could be the one of them in the video after sharing my football fever on Instagram with #gilabola.hahaha
  6. can anyone tell me what is this about http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCCMEUpXnac i found this video because alot of people share it.
  7. lets me explain to u.. for my understanding  KLIBOR home loan package interest rate is updated every 3 months. and this is the method how it calculated:   The first 3-Month KLIBOR is fixed on the business day immediately before the first loan disbursement date.  The next 3 months interest rate is sets by adopting the 3-month KLIBOR rate which is fixed on the last business day of the 3 months period. i feel that KLIBOR is good because it have full transparency on rates and more reflective of current market situation.
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