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  1. In recent years, there seem to be a new relationship trend or rather out of the closet relationship - older women in their 30s and above, dating or married to younger men, who are 10 years or more younger than the women.  These women are called "cougars". The famous ones are Demi Moore (41) and Ashton Kutcher (25) when they got married, Madonna (50s) and her string of boy toys - Brahim (24), Timor (26), and Jennifer Lopez (40s) and her young beau, Casper Smart (20s). With the likes, there are many USA shows on such relationship on television such as "Cougartown", TLC's "Extreme Cougar Wives" and "The Cougar".  All this are prominent in America and also the likes of other Western countries. Usually it is accepted and well received.  I want to know, how about in Asia? Are there Asian "cougars"? Are there relationship between an Asian cougar and a young Asian man? How is it like? How do they feel for one another? Is it different from the Westerners?  Anyone is in this kind of relationship or experienced some form of it? Or heard of? Or known of? Please share your great wisdom about the said topic as my dying need of curiosity is annoying me much! :redindian: 
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