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  1. Inttoduce here two saving plans from Allianz:   a. Allianz Retire Plus i. can choose premium payment term of 6,10,15 & 20 yrs ii. apart from saving, you will be given life insurance coverage ii. can choose your desired sum assured start from min of 15k iii. given guarantee cash payment  iv. other investment benefits as well..   b. prime income. i. choose your desired retirement amount ii. given life protection benefit iii. given guarantee cash payment iii. payment term flexi enough according to your financial needs iv. other investment benefit as well   do pm me for your contact or call me at 0129207640 or email me via catherine12341997@hotmail.com
  2. After you had enough insurance coverage what is the next plan you are looking for?   a. Stock  b. Bond c. Real estate d. Saving plan e. Mutual fund f. Business venture g. No further plan at all.
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