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  1. Wow, I really like the dress. the design made on the high waist looks so sophisticated and divine.
  2. Hi, gracy does your boutique take special bulk orders.  If you are ok with taking bulk order, I would be willing to take cloths from you.
  3. Hi, jenefer what do you mean by herbal products. Those which have herbal qualities or those made up natural ingredients. If you are looking for products made by using natural base then go for manuka honey, royal jelly,propolis,etc. All this products are rich in nutritional values and also medicinal values. As these products are made from natural ingredients they are completely safe for kids. Manuka honey helps to moisturize the skin and also helps to streamline digestion.  Propolis on the other hand is good for oral prolems and it has many anti-bacterial qualities.
  4. Thanks for the tips regarding manicures. I want to add one more think. One should always take a minimum 3 days break before doing another manicure. 
  5. I think while using  lens doctors advices to keep your nails short. I would suggest you to buy those products from market, which help to put lenses on your eyes.
  6. Eating healthy do not mean eating tasteless food. You can have tossed salad for dinner, which is not tasteless. Juices of different fruits are not tasteless.
  7. In my opinion, you should add more veggies and fruits to your diet. By doing so you would not only get a good figure but also lose weight. Having vegetables and fruits in your diet is beneficial in long term.
  8. Thank for the post. I think this type of exercises are also useful to burn fat near hips and waist area. Many gym instructor suggest to do this exercises for strecthing purposes.
  9. Thanks, I would definitely use this points to cure my strained muscle. My leg muscle mostly gets strained during pilates or aerobics.
  10. I always use cream to powder foundations. Does anyone use this type of foundations. i think this type of foundations are best suited for my skin. My skin is very dry.
  11. My dermatologist suggest that you should not use soap, if you have sensitive skin.  You should go for natural products.
  12. Wow, I am also born with less eyebrows near the curve part. After seeing your technique, I would also like to tatoo my eyebrows.
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