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  1. Someone, please help me... My husband was drugged. At work. By a customer. I just found out that there's an "others" folder in your Facebook Messenger. When I clicked on it, I saw many messages I haven't seen before and at the very top, sent about a month ago, caught my eye. A girl messaged me sayig that my husband cheated on me with her and she sent pictures of her and my husband together. When I asked my husband, he said he couldn't remember what happened. At all! It happened at his workplace! During work hours. At a showroom. The picture shows my husband, in his work clothes, laying on the showroom bed with her. Sounds like he was given a date rape drug. How could this have happened? I'm so traumatized and grieved beyond anything! We tried going to the police to make a report, since drugs were used, but since we don't have evidence, and it happened a month ago, we don't have a case. How could this girl drug my husband, manipulated and used him, took pictures, sent them to me... and I can't do anything about it? Thinking about getting legal advice, but we can't afford it. Please, is there anyone out there that can help me cope? I need support. Advice. I need justice. I feel so alone and broken.
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