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  1. Promdressok.com: Massive Pre-Christmas Clearance Saleas Biggest Christmas Sale Ever! All dresses is under 55 custom, not stock,15-25days make it,shipping 3-7days! Hot sale! It is a beautiful dress, we will make it. http://www.promdressok.com/strapless-empire-floor-length-a-line-princess-chiffon-prom-dresses-sd0060009.html Customer Reviews This dress was amazing! It was beautifully made to a high standard and the quailty of the fabric was amazing. Couldn't have asked for anything more, just wonderful!! It is important to make sure you are measured correctly for this dress. Thanks so much for the beautiful gown!!!
  2. Hi, I'm Lucy Smith, I want to talk to the brides who are expecting a little one at their wedding. So depending on how public you want to be about your pregnancy, there's a couple different dresses that I think really suit a pregnant bride. First off, the empire dress. The empire dress is great because it's just high-waisted and from the waist high waist on it's just fabric. So depending on if you're not sure how big you're going to get, it's great because it leaves kind of cushion and room to grow. The one thing about that though, the empire is that with the fabric just kind of plain and draping, it really accentuates your belly, so if you're trying to be a little discreet about the pregnancy, then empire might not be the best option for you. If you are trying to be a little bit more discreet, the better option I believe is maybe something like an A line. An A line that has maybe like a detail or something that cuts across the abdomen, and also maybe there's a lot of detail or embroidery or something else kind of visually breaking up the space, so you don't really concentrate, and you can't really see the bump so much. So, depending on what your situation is, how far along you are, there's lots of options for you. So, don't worry you're still going to look beautiful, you'll still have that dream wedding. So, I hope these tips help. You can buy your perfect pregnancy wedding dresses on these big online shop: Davidsbridal.com Ebay.com Dhgate.com
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