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    Select Citi is where you can Search, Review and Suggest the Best of the Services, Businesses and Entertainment hot spots available in your City.
  1. Hi,   Although planning a major event can be exciting and fun, it can also be time consuming and very stressful. With today’s hectic lifestyle, nuclear families and time constraints it is important to have someone dedicated and knowledgeable who understands your requirements and follows through with all the details. As wedding planners, our aim is to make your special day a perfect reflection of your style and taste while minimizing your stress in planning. We spend time to find out what you envision your wedding to be; no dream too vast, every detail vital, to make it uniquely yours. We strive to exceed your expectations while working within your budget.   Thanks Shantait   SelectCiti
  2. Hi,     There are many places for shopping but shopping at shopping malls gives a different experience. They make the buyers to expose to different products which they wouldn’t have heard about and SelectCiti helps them to get the address of the shopping malls in Chennai.For more information visit us:http://bit.ly/1iFYaAi   Shantait   SelectCiti
  3. Hi,   SelectCiti charms the people by enlisting the details about the wedding hall Chennai on their website. The user acknowledges it once by viewing it and the particulars about the other wedding hall located at Chennai and the user can choose anything that is suitable to them.SelectCiti charms the people by enlisting the details about the wedding hall Chennai on their website. The user acknowledges it once by viewing it and the particulars about the other wedding hall located at Chennai and the user can choose anything that is suitable to them.For more information visit us: http://bit.ly/1gUBckD     Shantait   SelectCiti    
  4. Despite all the advantages and positive points associated with shopping online, it is considered that there are just as many risks and dangers involved with e-commerce that could jeopardise the protection and rights belonging to online consumers. E-shopping with a credit card is an essential because most credit card companies will cover any loss due to fraud and scams if any e-shoppers have been victimised.  Additionally, many credit cards offer consumers legal protection allowing them to object to charges for faulty or unsatisfactory goods and/or services.  It is extremely significant that e-shoppers don't fax a cheque, mail cash or a money order, or consequently, their money is inclined to be gone forever.  The best alternative for online consumers is to acquire a separate credit card for e-commerce so that if something goes really wrong, the consumer may easily cancel their e-commerce credit card.   Thanks Shantait   Select Citi
  5. Morning-Rush Makeover Yikes! You overslept, and now you have to get ready and out the door at warp speed. These tips eliminate almost an hour of prep time — and you'll still emerge looking fresh and pulled together. Instead of: A time-consuming shower Speedy solution: Splash cold water or spray a hydrating mist on your face to energize your skin. Store the mist in the fridge, or quickly run it under the tap; it will feel more invigorating as it hits your complexion. "Cold water instantly tones and tightens your skin," says Ann Marie Cilmi, director of education and development at Bliss. Try The Body Shop Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz. Minutes saved: 10 Instead of: Multistep skin prep Speedy solution: Jump right to moisturizing. Skip cleanser and toner, and give yourself more even-toned, hydrated, and protected skin by slathering on a tinted moisturizer with SPF. "Go over any discolored areas a second time," says Blair Patterson, a global makeup artist for Estée Lauder. You can also add another layer to cheekbones to help contour the face when it's puffy from sleep. Try CoverGirl Aqua Smoothers Tinted Moisture SPF 15. Minutes saved: 5 Instead of: Elaborate eye makeup Speedy solution: Stick with three express moves. Tame brows, apply highlighter, and slick on black mascara. You can quickly smooth unruly brows using a brow gel or a pencil-and-comb combo such as Prestige Browliner. Then add a pop of white or bone shimmer shadow just below the browbone. "It draws attention upward and gives your face a more awake, lifted look," says Ramy Gafny, a New York City celebrity makeup artist. Finish by applying black mascara from the base to the tips of lashes to give them maximum length. Minutes saved: 10 Instead of: Blush and lipstick and shadow Speedy solution: Choose one triple-duty product. A creamy blush that also works on lips and lids is ideal. Whatever you do, don't skip blush; makeup artists say it's the most underrated beauty product for waking up the face. Just smile and use the heat of your fingers to dab color on the rounds of your cheeks and across your lips, suggests Marcia Kilgore, creator of Soap & Glory. Use the same shade to brighten lids. Try E.L.F. All Over Color Stick in Persimmon. Minutes saved: 5 Instead of: A styling marathon Speedy solution: Stash your blow-dryer and brush, and try some quick "detailing." Pull slept-on hair back into the Tonytail, a faux-hair ponytail holder that creates the illusion your strands have been expertly wrapped around the base of the pony. Or give a cropped style instant polish by smoothing out bangs and short layers with one of the new purse-size flattening irons. "It's easier to control than a full-size version and costs less," says Joelle Dunrovich, a hairstylist at Rita Hazan Salon in New York City. Try Slik Stik Mini. Minutes saved: 20-plus       Thanks Shantait   SelectCiti http://www.selectciti.com/category/beauty-spas-for-men-in-chennai
  6. IBE 2014 – Navigate your way towards victorious path in beauty industry!      International Beauty Expo (IBE) puts forth the precept of ‘Impressive Beyond Expectation’ with an attempt to emerge an unsurpassed exhibition – one that promises to provide a pivotal role in creating mass opportunities for exhibitors and buyers alike to establish solid networking connections and business deals, hence fortifying macro ties within the global beauty arena.      IBE is now recognized as the Malaysia’s best sourcing platform for over millions of professional and latest products, services, brands, trends, tools & equipments, technologies and etc. This annual beauty extravaganza has gathered all items for industry use under one roof.   Thanks Shantait     SelectCiti  
  7. Hi,   Every wedding guest secretly hopes for amazing food. Lucky for you, planning a standout reception menu is easier than you think. All it takes is a little prep work, some creativity, and a stellar caterer.   Thanks Shantait   SelectCiti
  8. Hi,   A meaningful wedding requires planning and creative input from both partners and any family members and friends you've decided to include in the planning. Wedding planning can be a wonderful part of life but it can also be very challenging and stressful. Indeed, you can be assured that some plans won't go as you'd like them to, so plan for that eventuality too! The key is to stay organized, to stick to a budget and to give yourself plenty of time to achieve everything.   Thanks ShanTait   SelectCiti
  9. Our daily lives are filled with consumption—$1.50 for a cup of coffee, $5.95 for a magazine, $17.99 for headphones, $1.79 for cough drops, $36.00 for a haircut. Whether bought out of necessity or indulgence, purchased alone or in a group, everything we buy has its own story to tell. We buy art supplies while feeling inspired, CDs while shopping with friends, and a new pair of jeans to give us a lift when we are feeling blue. Yet, these powerfully emotional experiences can be fleeting—quickly erased by the pull of the next "must-have" acquisition. InObsessive Consumption, Portland-based artist Kate Bingaman-Burt holds up a mirror to her own obsession with shopping and acquisition. Faced with a mounting pile of postgraduation credit card debt, Bingaman-Burt concocted a unique artistic response to this all-too-common dilemma.   thanks Shantait   SelectCiti
  10. SelectCiti Often connecting an advertising message of a product or service is about solving problems and there is a strong bond between photography and advertisement. There are many exposures in real life that has been an inspiration for many advertisement and only photographers can capture the moments in a right way. A bad photography can also spoil the entire advertisement and the sensitivity to light or feel that would fit each type of situation can be advised only by the photographers. The latest technology has introduced various effects on the photography and each photographer is taught to use these technologies. SelectCiti is a one stop destination that provides details of advertising photography India with their huge database of the photographers and photography studio in the major cities of India including Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Salem, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Gurgaon etc.     Thanks Shantait   SelectCiti
  11. The scorching heat playing hide and seek with the community, especially when there is a marriage to be scheduled. To facilitate the people we provide you air conditioned wedding halls established in the center of the city beside a temple, providing access to the nook and corner of every locality. A huge list of well-ventilated wedding halls with basic amenities is offered with the nearby provision of the necessary requirements for the marriage. They can accommodate enormous guests with vanity. They are well furnished with a huge stage to showcase their massiveness making the bride and bridegroom noble.  It is one among the best when dealt with cleanliness and maintenance. No objections can be imposed on these halls as they afford uninterrupted power and water supply. Arrangements are also done with the aid of inverters and generators at the time of power failure. The kitchen and dining halls are parted well to avoid any nuances. The bathrooms are spic and span with heater services. The dining hallway is massive in nature, providing ambience to dine with near and dear ones. This conventional lobby is affordable at a low price that comprises your entire marriage expenses. What else do you need rather than these conveniences to realize a dream marriage to come true?     Thanks Shantait   SelectCiti
  12. Welcome to La Mariee Wedding House - your exclusive wedding gown rental specialist. Formerly known as That Dressie Shoppe, La Mariée Wedding House is dedicated to making THAT DREAM wedding gown for your big day and we take pride is making wedding gowns that bring out elegance in you. La Mariée Wedding House provides exclusive wedding gown rental service to the newly engaged couples. We are dedicated in helping brides-to-be search for their dream wedding gowns and evening gowns without going through the hassle of bargaining for the best package. All our wedding gowns rent at prices way below what conventional bridal studios are offering without compromising on quality of the wedding gowns. At La Mariee Wedding House, you rent wedding gowns that are exclusively designed for brides who goes for the classic and timeless. We specialise in renting wedding gowns for photoshoots, local and overseas as well as for actual wedding day. Another signature service or ours has to be the customisation of THAT wedding gown you love from bridal magazines while adding elements you love in that wedding gown. For customisation, we offer both rental and purchase options. Bridesmaids also love their dresses that are especially chosen or designed by their BFF so that they can dress in unison on her special day. La Mariée Wedding House also makes that dazzling evening gowns and dresses you have  been eyeing for a long time. As we know you want to look your best in every aspect of your wedding, we do not limit the use of the wedding gowns. Couples love renting wedding gowns from us because you can bring the most elaborate wedding gowns for your outdoor photo shoot. Being one of the leading wedding gown specialist in Singapore, we offer professional advice on the style of wedding gowns that will suit you for both your pre-wedding photo shoot and actual wedding day. If you are looking for one-stop service, La Mariee Wedding House is pleased to offer our exclusive pre-wedding and actual day wedding gown rental packages. Our packages are fuss-free and excludes photography but at the same time, includes items that you will need for that big day. This means that you can engage your favourite phototgraphers and at the same time enjoy a one-stop service.. La Mariee Wedding House ensures that you have the most beautiful wedding gowns without adding more to your stress. We welcome you to drop us a call (96289861) or email to arrange for a discussion about your dream wedding gown our exclusive boutique. Definitely no obligation or pressure, because one of the best things we love about this, is the opportunities to meet up brides to-be and talk about weddings, probably our favourite things in life.     Thanks Shantait   SelectCiti
  13. Fun that you had before the wedding cannot be the same again, T-OneImage pre wedding photography is all about capturing those fun moments, those free moments into images, which will refresh them once again as you will browse through the album. Our first love is photography however wedding photography in Melbourne is our passion. It feels great to capture those priceless images in our cameras, bring them to life once again when the photo gets printed. Besides capturing your time together pre wedding photography, gives T-OneImage the opportunity to know our clients better. As our clients you become more comfortable with the camera and we get a better understanding about you and you get to know us and our capabilities better. This further builds on our compatibility which works in our favor on the big day. Pre wedding photography has thus helped us build rapport with our clients which then result in excellent wedding photography in Melbourne. Clients generally select special locations for pre wedding photography. T-OneImage is extremely flexible with location we can be there where you want us to be. Whatever location our clients select we are always fine with it clients thus do not face location crises because we won’t be able to be there. With us you select the location and we will be right there to shoot you. Our location flexibility has also made us best wedding photographer in Sydney in addition to being a renowned Melbourne wedding photography. Pre wedding photography – With T-OneImage be sure to have maximum fun and minimum stress     Thanks Shantait   SelectCiti
  14. Beauty Cares’ mission is to break the cycle of intimate partner or “domestic” abuse affecting women and children within this decade. We are deeply committed to providing strategic and socially relevant educational programs and campaigns. Beauty Cares encourages dialogue about healthy relationships and partner abuse, with an emphasis on keeping young people safe. Only when we are able to speak openly about intimate partner/domestic abuse, can we begin to break the cycle for our next generation.   Thanks Shantait   SelectCiti
  15. Sincerity Bridal is a romantic and classic collection of wedding dresses and wedding gowns. The Sincerity Bridal collection features romantic wedding dresses and classic wedding dresses. The Sincerity Bridal wedding dress collection features a wide array of dreamy fabrics accented with distinct embellishments making each wedding gown unique. Our bridal dresses and wedding gowns are available in an assortment of silhouettes from tea lengths and high lows to mermaids and ball gowns. Sincerity Bridal wedding gowns also feature a variety of colors from Ivory, Alabaster, and Oyster to Burgundy, Black and Taupe. The Sincerity Spring 2014 collection features tea length wedding dresses, illusion neckline wedding dresses and flirty mermaid wedding dresses. Visit this this page to look at our latest collection.   Thanks Shantiat   SelectCiti
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