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  1. Hi Ladies. I have been following this Forum for sometime. Infact i got the contact of my Masseuer from this forum.Now i am a regular with SAM of Ixoramas Massage, based in KL. I have already had 4 sessions with him. And i feel great with him. A very nice gentle man. And he really knows what he does. I would strongly recomend Sam to you all, if you all want to try a different masseuer. In fact Sam is my 1st masseuer. I have not tried the other masseuers. But still i feel confident with him. His massage really relaxed me. Of course, at 1st i was shy. But Sam, hospitality made me overcome that. I STRONGLY recomend Sam to you ladies. For Sam's contact pls mail me at mszalina1980@gmail.com.   Best Regards.   zalina ms
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