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  1. I have been trying so many product on my skin to get rid of acne. But none of the product worked on my skin. Now I am using clinique products, it shows some good result. I hope this product helps me out of this situation. 
  2. I use Clinique sun broad spectrum SPF 30. I have been using the same sunblock before makeup and i am quite satisfied with the results.  http://www.cliniquebonustime.com/store/nordstrom/
  3. I too find Clinique is the best. I use their primers for the base and some time also use powder with SPF 15.Their mascara also a must buy, i bought it online from Clinique store http://www.cliniquebonustime.com/store/belk/
  4. There are uncountable benefits of mineral makeup. But it is important that you choose best product. I only trust Clinique makeup products. They are really dependable in perspective of quality.
  5. I have oily skin and in winter the condition becomes more worse. But Clinique sunblock helps me lot. It does not make my skin greasy. I had good experience with it so far.
  6. I am using Clinique primer. It really helps to hide my skin flaws. I am struggling with uneven skin tone but this primer really helps to hide it. I am using Clinique primer. It really helps to hide my skin flaws. I am struggling with uneven skin tone but this primer really helps to hide it. 
  7. annawood

    how do you care?

    I usually do deep cleansing every single day. I keep my skin properly hydrated by consuming tons of water and juices. Proper sleep is another major part of skin care.
  8. First of all you have to make few changes in your diet. Avoid oily and sugary foods. Use trustable beauty products. Contact a good dermatologist. I think these tips should work for you.
  9. Hello Jackieee, if you want to export US based beauty products then I would recommend you Clinique beauty products. It’s a prominent beauty products brand and it offers exclusive bonus time also.   -------------------------------------------- Clinique bonus time
  10. I personally like Clinique beauty products. Clinique offers wide range of beauty products. Clinique offers great range of bonus time offers at various stores. This bonus time offers great gifts and special discount.
  11. This is what i call a make up collection. Perfect one. I am working on my collection now a days
  12. Ow yes! Usually i order all my perfumes from dubai only. But now a days i am using clinique range of fragrances which i ordered online, they are good and attractive also the fragrance lasts for 4 hours atleast. I am loving it.!
  13. I am using Clinique organic skin care products and it really helps me in taking the best possible care of my skin. I personally like their natural skin moisturizer and scrub. They offer bonus time also that includes attractive gifts and special discounts.
  14. Hello, You can check for price and offers offered by many brands on clinque. Thanks..
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