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  1. Domain Life Cycle increases your awareness and understanding on what happens to your Domain if you do not take immediate action to RENEW it.   The infographic below tells you the domain lifecycle in a much clearer way.       At the beginning of the year ( eg: register for 1 year) 1) Active Domain After you purchase a domain, you will receive an email informing you of your successful registration. This also signifies the beginning of your domain name. 2) Domain De-activated Your domain name will be de-activated by domain registrar upon domain expiry date. 3) Domain Redemption Period Domain Fees: Domain Renewal Fee + Domain Redemption Fee (USD250.00) 4) Pending Delete Domain Your site visitors will be redirected to your registrar default DNS Page. 5) Available for Registration The domain is now re-open to public for registration. Anyone can register this domain name on first-come, first-served basis.   Wish to understand more? Take a look at the image below; the concept of domain life Cyle is rather similar to the Life Cycle of a Frog. The process starts from the first step, ends and repeats itself again. When Domain Redemption Period has lapsed, the process is IRREVERSIBLE. To prevent this from happening, RENEW EARLIER or Renew for Multiples Years.   
  2.   Twenty-five years ago, the World Wide Web was just an idea from a young computer scientist at a European physics lab. Today, the simple idea had become a vital thing in everyone’s lives, linking BIILIONS of people together, thanks to Tim Berners-Lee for the great invention.   The young computer scientist started to invent the www in 1989. At first, he was rejected and ignored by his colleagues when he proposed.  However, with great perseverance, he wrote the first hypertext browser/editor (World Wide Web) and the first web server (httpd), which was launched to the public in 1991. Two years later, there were more than 500 known web servers and the World Wide Web had counted for one per cent of the Internet traffic. Twenty years later there were already an estimated 630 million websites. The Global Internet Usage Statistics 2013 shows that there are 2.4 billion Internet users around the globe. Today, www has become a part of our lives. Many cannot imagine life without the www.      
  3.   An inseparable element in our daily life, greater online connectivity via the internet will be taking place in the future. This March, Jan Hung-tze – the president of Taiwan Internet and E-Commerce Association (TIEA), alongside with a group of Taiwanese internet and E-commerce professionals will be visiting Malaysia for brainstorming and interaction with their Malaysian counterparts. It is going to be the greatest Internet and E-Commerce event in Malaysia this year.   Malaysia-Taiwan Internet Business Summit 2014 Event Information Organised by : Taiwan Internet and E-Commerce Association, Malaysia Purple Cane Enterprise Co-organised by :Easy.my, exabytes, Khind, Financial Link, Cité, Logistics Worldwide Express Strategy Partners :MRCA Presented by : MyStartr S/B Partners : INXO Productions, Fusionwave S/B, Youbeli.com Date : 29 March 2014 (Saturday) Time : 09:00am~17:00pm(Whole-day activity) Venue : Berjaya Time Square Hotel Ballroom Seats : 200 Ticket Price : RM699 /PAX (Normal)     RM599 /PAX (Early Bird) (Only until 10 March 2014)     RM500 /PAX (Group: 3 PAX and above)  *Exabytes Customers May Enjoy Special Discount Ticketing Information of the Summit Ticketing system of the summit is now up online. Interested individuals or companies are to book the tickets as soon as possible as the seats are limited to 200 only. To get latest news about the summit please visit our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/mtibs2014 . Online ticketing system: http://www.inxotix.com.my/ , Enquiries: 012-3530882 / 016-2100331 Speakers and Topics: 1. ‘The Next Trillion Industry: A Look-Back at the 20 Years of Taiwan E-Commerce Business’ by Mr Jan Hung-tze (Chairman of PChome) 2. ‘Shopper’s Guide, the Sharp Marketing Tool for E-Commerce Business’ by Mr Albert Chen (Founder of YouthWant and iGuang) 3. ‘Discover Social Network Business Model through i-Part Experience’ by Mr Jamy Lin (Deputy CEO of i-Part) 4. ‘Using of Digital Media to Develop Sales and Business Opportunities’ by Mr Nathan Chiu (CEO of Cacafly Intl. Media) 5. ‘91mai App Shop: From Mobile Shopping to O2O Business Opportunity’ by Mr Happy Lee (Merchandising Manager of 91mai) 6. ‘How Is the Ecosystem Built’ by Mr Joseph Chan (Partner of Appworks) 7. ‘Online Reservation in Taiwan’ by Mr Alex Chen (CEO and Founder of EZTABLE) 8. ‘From Web to Mobile’ by Mr Benjamin Tseng (CEO and Founder of PubGame) 9. ‘Data Driven Decision Making Solutions’ by Mr Tony Chen (CEO of MIGO Corp) 10. ‘How Can App Change The World’ by Mr Davidd Liu (CEO and Founder of OHCOOL) 11. ‘From Social Network to Commerce: How Fandora Built Taiwan’s Biggest Economy Circle of Illustrators’ by Mr Steven Su (CEO and Founder of Fandora)   *Please note that the Summit will be conducted in Chinese    
  4.   Big Promotion! 75% OFF Exclusive Personal Web Hosting EBiz Beginner for only RM10 instead of rm 39.90 at Exabytes Network. Don't miss the chance. Grab it now at http://easydiscount.my/deals/--75--OFF--Exclusive-Personal-Web-Hosting-EBiz-Beginner-for-only-RM10-at-Exabytes-Network   For more information, please refer to http://exabytes.com.my/  
  5.       大促销!75%折扣的个人虚拟主机,只需区区RM10而不是RM 39.90即可享用 不要错过这个机会。现在就购买 http://easydiscount.my/deals/--7 .   欲了解更多信息,请参阅http://exabytes.com.my/
  6. Now all choose to buy Ipone as well...^^
  7.   In this 21st century, Internet is important to everyone. If you still stick with traditional management mode, you are unable to compete with your competitor.Exabyte Group's founder and CEO Mr. Chan Kee Siak have mention that we can't decline that e-commerce has become the most potential and fast growing media. You are able to seize the opportunity if you start early.Start up your business with eCommerce NOW to enter the larger market.   There will be a Internet Marketing Seminar organized by Nanyang Siang Pau and supported by CIMB. Mr. Chan Kee Siak (Exabyte Group's founder and CEO) will be giving a speak in this seminar to share his experience. Join NOW to learn how to grow your business through internet marketing.   Seminar details:    Date: 9 November 2013 (Saturday) Time: 2pm - 5pm Venue: Traders Hotel, Penang   Entrant is FREE and seating will be limited. Please contact Ms. Pek at 04-2612137 for pre-reservation purpose. You can also register at   Note: The talk will be presented in Mandarin.  
  8.   Exabytes eCommerce Conference 2013 is THE biggest eCommerce event in Malaysia that brings together big online players and top gurus under one roof, sharing their knowledge, tips & tricks and real-life experience in eCommerce with hungry knowledge seekers! So if you’re serious about going far in online business and make it BIG, THIS is the ONE event you CANNOT afford to miss.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=KyP8NNgP5tA   In this conference, eCommerce sellers (online business owners) and service providers will :   - Learn the latest trends, development & technologies in eCommerce. - Learn from the success stories of various successful online entrepreneurs. - Learn the latest updates from Malaysian Government concerning eCommerce and online payment industries. - Network with industry peers and eCommerce heavyweights.   This event made it real big last year, with over 100 participants attending the conference. If you missed it, here’s a video that pretty much sums up the happening event last year! Watch how our conference hall was FILLED to the brim and how the conference was buzzing with questions from the enthusiastic members of the floors!   Now, for a limited time only, we’re giving you the chance to enjoy Super Early Bird price of RM599 (Save RM300) if you register before 18th November 2013 HERE http://bit.ly/EEC-EarlyBird.    So don’t wait and register yourself today! Sign up NOW!   More information about this event:  http://exabytes.com.my/ecommerce/2013  
  9. Hi, can I know where you get those information? thank you.
  10.     hi..those earring still available ma?
  11. some time i will bought toe earring looks nice..but it is nt suit for me after i wire.sad :(
  12. hmm...hi...do u all knw any in Penang?
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