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  1. I never knew that photo of my n Jess existed till I came in here n kepoh Apalah Anthony
  2. Thanks Anthony!!! Lurrrve d Fitness First pic.. Now I look like I have triplets I always wanted a pic like that.. Too bad taken in a hurry lah.. Nex time we try again yah! Haha Oh n of course I love d pix in d park.. Faster do up more lah!! Hehe
  3. A friend of mine once told me this when I broke up - 'you lose nothing but a guy who doesn't care bout you. but he loses someone who cares n loves him more than anything in the world'.. So who's loss is it? Move on girl, if you can't save the r'ship, save ur dignity! (well, sorry if i'm bein mean)
  4. wah.. y so many nice pix dat i didnt get.. eh eh mr. cheekyboy.. u spell me name so wrongly in the pix la
  5. me no sexy lah.. YOU sexy.. plus cute some more!
  6. nickster: hahaha.. i so cannot be compared to a goddess wei! dunno wat went into cheekyboy's head haha.. so our kids are gona look like brad pitt? coolll =p xiaopei: haha thx wor.. but i dun consider myself sexy leh..
  7. Ahh.. i just luv the last pic! Thanks panda!
  8. wah! wats that supposed to mean?! hrmph.. i shall take that as a compliment =p haha
  9. stefanie would be me.. dun tell me u dunno me wei.. just talked to u on msn earlier looking at the pics makes me wanna dig a hole n hide my face lah.. so fatttt!! But then again, thx panda, they're great!
  10. kamikaze: my cats used to sleep at the edge of the balcony all the time.. didnt noticed it recently though.. hopefully its cuz she got bored of the spot catherinelu: haha.. same ere.. when im in front of the comp ignoring her, she'd jump up the window n look down as if wanting to jump off! scary!!!
  11. Rick Price - Heaven Knows a must have when u breakup =pp guarantee to cry ur heart out, if thats what you need
  12. wow.. 4 cats in an apt.. no complains from neighbours? dem lucky ur cat fell onto the astro dish.. if not god knows wat will happen..
  13. cryst@l: same same ler.. she wants all the guys she can get but wont want them in the end.. but the ones that I want she would definitely want.. wonder why
  14. cyber: nolah, not saying i wan him 2 be with me 24/7. its just that im realli upset that he isnt spending any time with me anymore. im really fedup with the whole situation. i dunno if its my fault or his but there's no way i can talk to him bout it n it really pisses me off
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