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  1. Hi all.. Does anyone here use Manicure/Pedicure electronic set? Which brand is recommended and affordable price? Actually i need the buffer/polishing the most. Wanted to get a rechargeable battery is possible. Hopefully can get some opinion from you gals!
  2. Amethyst


    nobody has use this before??
  3. Amethyst


    Hello all... I wan to ask if anybody use Borghese, active mud for face and body selling in Sasa before??Is it good? The SA claim to be good...but i wan to make sure by taking in people's opinion... I have some pimples at the back of my body and wan to try to use it Anyone?? Thanks..
  4. Places to recommend in Malacca for Valentine dinner?With good food and ambience..any food will do Not too expensive....for like around RM 50 to Rm 70
  5. thanks ppl...i'd went to try ms read in 1u.. the food is not that nice i'll try Chef & Brew next time ^^
  6. Does anyone know the price for Bon Ton Restaurant?
  7. uh...means no where within my criteria?
  8. HI I'm searching for cafes or restaurants which offers affordable price (Rm 20 to Rm 25 per person) for birthday celebration. I'm going in a large group of family members. So is there any cafes/ restaurants that have promotion for birthday or they have discount when using credit cards to pay?It is better if they have varieties of food. As i know, i've tried Friendster and Izzi Cafes. They are pretty good and cheap but i would like to have a change. Sorry for being fussy Thanks !
  9. hey babes...for those TBS loverss... anything good or recommended to grab?
  10. Amethyst

    Essence / Serum

    actually...how old do we need to start to apply essence??
  11. Ipod Nano ... Been having one .... its just for start where u really like it .. later on .. bah .. u jus throw it aside. lol
  12. wow.. u sure tat can be done ? nvr try that before....
  13. I too have dreams almost every night without fail. some are weird.some are nice.
  14. any comments on this product ?? is it good .. considering to buy it.. but its kinda exp for me
  15. Amethyst


    Wow... ur mom sure rox ... my mom will nvr ever do that ... Lol
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