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  1. seriously?! freeze and forced close ? how can u tolerate slow internet. wasting time only. u might as well change plan la.. try Cel-com first. 68 per month commitment and u'll get complimentary nokia X or sony xperia E1. i think it is by far the fastest network
  2. hey anne, yes, sending your daughter to UK is a good choice! cause UK is a good place for further studies, you will never regret i can say but you have to prepare more money for the fees and also your daughter's living cost there! it is way more expensive than here or why not you ask your daughter try to apply some scholarship? maybe she able to get it and can help to reduce some burden? both of my children are in UK now, they love UK so much! and applying for the PR now as they got their own job there, hopefully they can get it and i'll be moving there as well! haha
  3. my son's second E-rayuan had been rejected by UM, he applied for psychology studies. i personally think that he deserve it as he scored 10As in his SPM! we were so shocked when receive this news.. anyone facing the same problem? where should i send my son to now???
  4. depends on u la, see what u need now for me, i just want to get a cheap one, so u mobile would b my choice! cause only RM30 each month and we can get free sms, calls and internet apps so cheap and nice!!!
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