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  1. Imagining that you're encircled by seeing stars inside your garden wedding. Is your wedding?in case your response is yes, here are much for the reference. The ball gown wedding gown with yellow butterfly designs on is require a color that's also soft.so a pink hairband fits your needs. The ivory wedding gown with seeing stars onto it which appears like real. Therefore the black butterfly hairband could be a highlight for your wedding gown.   The whitened wedding gown with transparent masturbator sleeves is stunning.so a mental hairband could be a mixed match which isn't only show your gentleness but additionally your strong personality.   http://www.mubuy.com/ball-gown-wedding-dresses/
  2. In this symbol of the everlasting day, miss zhang and Mr. Xu to receive a marriage certificate. So the couple began to intense preparations for their wedding, customized lovely and joyful with their own design invitations, their wedding video, individual character is dye-in-the-wood wedding... All preparation is in order, such as only the marriage gauze of miss zhang have been slow to solve. To countless wedding dress rental, suzhou also didn't run less, the result to see that there is almost no gives the copy line wedding dress and was unable to start. Each of the bride to the wedding is always hope and others are different, not to mention the most important wedding dress, how can bump unlined upper garment with others? Wedding, is in miss zhang, accidentally stroll shop passing wedding custom studio for miss zhang solved. Studio is not big, but the dress style is complete, the fabric design and color is various. Through the introduction of staff and try, miss zhang soon booked their wedding dress, staff member introduction, the general reception, wedding dress, mainly divides into out of yarn, vintage strapless wedding dresses, dresses (2 pieces), the Chinese dress. Studio also said that miss zhang can bring their own pattern, the staff can be completely in accordance with customer drawings make wedding dress, my wedding gown I really family, make every bride have a completely belongs to own the "princess dream".  
  3. Halloween cosplay wigs - How do you think? During Halloween, I want to get some from a number of online stores costume wigs. The search process, I found an interesting thing that ordinary wigs better after retouched. Goulaw African American Wigs http://www.goulaw.com/26-high-quality-brown-curly-african-american-synthetic-lace-front-wigs Cosplay Fu: I can't find out of more website reviews for goulaw.com only on the website. How do you think my idea?  
  4. Many people in order to the day of the wedding to a makeup is beautiful, will go to shave wool, actually this is improper, can you also shaved before, what did not happen, and think that no problem, but this-time-is-different, nervous mood may affect skin in sensitive cases, so it's best to blow a week earlier, the big two or three days before marriage check again, if it's not too much clutter can be. If the hair is not too much, also don't need to shave, shaving hair is a complex thing, one not careful there will be an accident, such as really want to get, consult professional personage is a feasible method. On the make-up, if feel like lack of something, it may be the whole makeup including lipstick, color too close, optional at this time a bit stronger color lipstick, guo chart, the lip of the wheel and the surface of the optional some healthy and clear rouge, hence less then the general color above, until satisfied, it can give an exaggerated, but natural makeup. Lady who even without makeup, good wedding day should be a, color can not too strong, or at least a dozen shadows, guo sketch will round out. An elegant wedding dress should not be a messy hairstyle, dress of the palace type, curly hair and very grand feeling with people, as for some time of the wedding dress, if match with a crown of greatly, looks and doesn't sit well with lining. Make up as well as, if chose a lovely wedding dress styles should not be a mature makeup, it will damage the atmosphere, let a person feel neither fish nor fowl. The first thing to determine objectively, the selected Attractive Empire Sweetheart Straps Beach Chiffon Wedding Dress sexy hot and type or pure lovely. Generally A font clipping; Bold backless, dew chest design; And the shadow of the material, look and feel with noble taste, and the design of the large butterfly, with lace around, cute image and prestige. Of two entirely different, what you will appear to make a decision, so convenient with the hair and makeup.  
  5. In Britain's prince Charles and lady Diana spencer of the "century wedding", blonde and slightly shy Diana wearing a silk taffeta dress wedding dress is ivory color, make the global TV audience of jing is colourful. This article was to relish "century wedding" design with modern look slightly conservative, exaggerated hubble-bubble sleeve v-neck, decorated with falbala, waves of ups and downs ivory skirt is placed, it is hand-embroidered with pearls and mother of pearl sequins. Of up to 7.6 meters long skirt pendulum and fluffy profile type, make the v neck lace wedding dresses in large st Paul's cathedral look very have sense. Big pale pink flowers and slightly loose curls with a French woman unique charming languid is lazy. Will all be slightly messy hair comb up, make the bride is charming deep eyes stand out more. Europe and the United States the bride hairstyle concise do not break showily, impressed at the sight. 2010 new bride hairstyle pictures, be sure to learn oh!  
  6. Corset style restoring ancient ways, chest line joint chest shape, chest brings together natural effect, if not plump brides, can explain this skirt out charming and sexy amorous feelings. This restores ancient ways perspective effect, three-dimensional drape and gown corset style popular in the field of the three elements together perfectly. Vintage lace bra modelling mix the perspective element, three-dimensional drape of trumpet skirt, show the bride sexy, slim waist, and not too hot. "Pacific princess" don't lose heart, fold, embroidery decoration corset wedding dress design, also can let you wear a sexy, confident and sexy index soared. The classic the skirt of the simple mermaid wedding dresses and sweetheart neckline corsage to cascading drape adornment, make the bride wear A Audrey Hepburn in the film "Roman holiday" is generally the grace and poise.  
  7. Jannie Baltzer said, like wedding bridesmaid dresses, she loved them all, more like to know all the lovely bride. Walk into every couple of ideas and dreams, it's a wonderful feeling. Jannie Baltzer bride headdress series is 2013 style diversity, from Hollywood style restoring ancient ways to goddess of elegant style, contracted and contemporary to Bohemian amorous feelings were indiscriminately. Exquisite pearl lace set, plus fluent modelling, both brides need luxuriant sense, and not too burdensome. One simple white satin dress, with Jannie Baltzer wedding headdresses and luxuriant line, to the bride's gentle temperament fully blossom out.  
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