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  1. I have a preference for older men as in +/- 10 years older than I am, and I've dated a few, loved a couple - I find this group suits me best. I agree with Cas that women who date older men tend to have to live up to certain standards - being young and less experienced, probably less sophisticated and with less time (starting out / focusing on their careers) and money (let's face it - being a woman is expensive business), it isn't easy for your lifestyles to be compatible. It would take a very understanding man to make allowances for you behaving your age - perhaps you might be fun to hang around in the beginning, a breath of fresh air, but I've learnt that it doesn't always last long and soon they'll realise that younger chicks are the stuff of fantasies and they prefer someone closer to their age. I've never had this problem tho, as I seem to select older men who are significantly younger looking (lucky me - hehe) but one of my older bfs have raised the issue before - his own self-consciousness as far as I'm concerned. He should've looked at it another way (which another one of my older bfs did) - consider himself lucky to be able to attract a SYT like me!
  2. First of all - congratulations! I'm looking forward to the airing of the next season and I hope you'll be in it. Is this your entire proposal? Is there anything else about your business that you might like to share with us? Your resume perhaps? Why you feel you are qualified to do what you do? How you got around to doing it? I is also a Nescafe Kickstart Entrepeneur wannabe but it's not time for me to go it yet!
  3. My new year's resolution this year is to be single. Why? 'Cos rather than resolve to try to get into a relationship and failing (and frustrating and upsetting myself in the process), I might as well resolve to do something I can be wildly successful at! w00t w00t ~ !
  4. I'm a Penang girl in KL, and here's my generalisation: 1. Penang girls are generally Ah Lians - yesssh! Correction: Only penang girls who dress up, and they're usually very young - in their tweens or smth. Overall I'd say the majority of Penang girls are rather plain. As far as makeup goes, it's still socially acceptable NOT to go out with makeup for social functions and parties. There was once when I went to an old friend's birthday party on one of my trips back and I was rather aghast to find myself feeling a tad overdressed in accessories, party clothes and makeup when all the other girls were in t-shirts and jeans with no makeup on! 2. KL girls are what I'm more used to now, but I think most of them are rather boring in general - seriously, go into a club and everyone looks like they're in uniform. Ugh. Malaysians tend to be very conservative as far as dressing goes (unless you're hanging out with the likes of me and my pals - MUAHAHAHA.) In KL there are still occasions where we can get away with very little or no makeup, so in geenral I guess KL is ok. 3. Singaporean girls are a tad over the top for me. And I thought Penang girls were plain enough. When I went to Singapore for a Gals' Day Out with some Sporean galpals, I was uber shocked to see them dressed all the way to the nines! Walaoeh! Fortunately, they love me, so they were alrite with my faux paus. One of them complained that her boyfriend complained that she was too dressy and we were due to meet her bf the next day, so I guai guai make myself up after that. Don't want her bf scolding her more do I?
  5. Jazz, you wait till I'm 2 years in KL oredi still haven't met me. Hahaha. Mann Mann: You also, I go to UKM, you leave UKM liao, till now haven't caught up. And to think I've met Lordy erm, twice? Heh.
  6. Awesome vote lar! Yes, am instructor / coach. Soon to upgrade to lecturer (keeps fingers crossed).
  7. What else could I possibly wear to work eh? Hehe.
  8. I'm not much of a fragrance person and I usually don't wear any cos I can't think of when and where to wear them. Anyone can teach me? Hehe.
  9. Kakaka ... I catch you when you're back in KL lar.
  10. Aiyar, Penang Island very sien lar. Too commercialised already. Come to the mainland (Butterworth) for good food if that's what you're looking for. Where nightlife, shopping and entertainment is concerned, forget about it - stick to KL for that. When I come back to Penang all I do is relax, sleep and eat hawker food.
  11. Top: Plain Giordano polo tee Bottom: Yellow Hawaii shorts picked up from the market at RM5.00 apiece. As in my Party pic, mix the plain with the fancy. Just ONE extremely fantabulous item will do and keep the rest boring so it stands out.
  12. I'm going to take time uploading my images cos I don't necessarily have them all together. I actually wore this to a real party and was one of the two winners for Best Dressed. Hehehehe. Top: It's actually a white skirt with sewn on toilet paper, with a blue scarf (UKM scarf which we got for orientation) tied around the neck for "extra security" as I was worried the skirt would drop off. Bottom: Plain black slack pants Necklace: From the party itself to indicate that you're a party guest. I had something else but I didn't wear it. To pull off a flamboyant costume like this stylishly, everything else must be plain (eg. plain hair, plain bottom, plain necklace, plain makeup) otherwise you'd be looking overdressed. And also have plenty of chutzpah to sashay out onto the streets like this. Trust me, *everyone* will want to take your picture (which is handy for someone like me who doesn't have a camera. Hahaha.) Feel free to comment!
  13. Nothing wrong with wearing coloured tights, so long as it isn't hot. As for shoes, count on your own dress sense!
  14. Hehe. At this time, you should be buying! I wish I had more money! I wanna buy! Sales! Sales galore! I is a bit poorer too, but my gains offset my losses, so not too bad. Hehe.
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