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  1. he very greedy ....very thing also 'gam' one
  2. plue : look so nice Rayleen:like ur eye lashes and ur lip so sweet.
  3. Is legal one lah...He is very 'manfan' one.
  4. wild,sexy nana
  5. Asia Cafe near to my hse too. But i juz can drop by onli, bcos i hv to take care for my koala bear.
  6. Wat is the weather now? I m plan to go HK on 19th Jan 07, is that got any sales.
  7. Thanks for ur info. I have to go to MV watson liao.
  8. Sasa got sell double eyelids glue. But very hard to remove.
  9. I cant see woh...
  10. Ikichin: would u mind to sharing for ur make up tutorial. Bcos for single eyelid very hard to make the eye look bigger n shinky..
  11. I wash my face twice a day with bath. In the morning b4 go for work,after come back form work.
  12. Rayleen : U r good in blend the eye shadow. Well done so 'leng leng' Chloe : u LOOK SO GREAT!!!! Kawaii: Look so sexy!!!
  13. Hey, Guys have ur comfirm the date redi...Not let us waiting until the neck become longer and longer..Hurry up...
  14. strawberrybaby: So leng niu . Ur eye so big ...
  15. Vios my dream car too. Since got so many problem i need to consider liao...Better change my mind redi liao ..