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  1. -bump-
  2. of course if he forgot my bday..cant accept it...if he didnt have a time to celebrate but still have the thought to call me up n wsih me..it is waaaayyy better than he didnt remember at all...as the saying goes..the most precious gift for ur bday is not the present itself but the thought of the ones u loved most..
  3. i also dun have much girl friends,most of it was guy friend..but still i prefer to have a girl friend to be the best of mine...last time i was being best friend with my fiance now which we'll be getting married soon...n i believe personally i cant make pure friendship with guys or else i'll end up falling in love with them...this matter got it pros n cons..coz i often watch dramas when 2 besties of girl n guy..when they get married or having rship,the s.o cant fully accept the bond that their gf/bf is having..they'll get jealous..but in childhood fship i believe that both of them knew their limit n the rship is truly pure n sacred.
  4. told ya..it was never better...
  5. sorry but my friend did it last time whilst she still in her relationship my with guy friend too,and i straightly pointed at her"u're a bitch"...this is personal experience..outside..im not sure what will it called..n i will not do it..
  6. i must say this so many times..i strongly dissagree with the suggestion of dating married man..its not that im so cruel not to understand how the other gurl is feeling..but i just dont want the gurl end up being the victim of the scene..no matter how true the fact is..people still say the other gurl who hamsap looking someone's hubby ley...even tho she might said to the hell with the world!im standing up with my call!but most of it the gurl will end up suffered..unless he dated u after divorced..just look how the actor norman hakim n memey does..it'll take a long time to be silence...think bout it... been there.. done that..n it was never better...
  7. i had once..which is my first love..last for 2 years n quite smooth during the maintenance..however..i considered it much as puppy love..i was 17 n he's 16.i had my first sex with him which i did lose "it" to younger person than me!duuh..
  8. -bump-
  9. i would like to reduce..but its not recommended for woman who wish ti breast feed..i want to feed my babies in future..a must...so i have to sacrifice..
  10. does anyone know how much is the price of M.A.C make up set?the one which wrapped in a box.
  11. hello all girls, need some info from u guys...how much is the make up set of M.A.C which normally used as hantaran in malay weddings?it already wrapped in palstic n box.i want to get one as my hantaran.Kindly provide me the info a.s.a.p . Thanks!
  12. fed-Up!thats all... somehow love all people who born,live or come to malaysia...
  13. dun mind at all!with all my heart!i go for the heart/brain/attitude/money/love not his height!
  14. is it that easy..maybe i should try also...since im quite heavy smoker...20's x 2 pack in a day....even worst if kena scold from boss..1 more pack to go!for the moment..really a no-no for me...wish me luck to quit..
  15. Just to double confirm..isnt anybody love naomi?Heard she's great competitors of Tyra.For me..the handphone throwing...is not soooo cool...