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  1. this is through the messaging system is it? I really like the platform system.. really humanistic, not just buying things from a screen
  2. I also thought of carousell because my friend recommended it when I talked to her bout this. But not sure how to use it...
  3. I know that I have lots of blouses, tshirt, uncategorised tops, dresses etc.. Its getting harder and harder to keep them organised because they wont stay still. I fold each of them but many of the garments are made of satin, crepe and chiffon, so they keep on slipping down from their sections. Any suggestion on how to organise such mess?
  4. I have bought some items clothing here.. Nice and cheap.. just need to make sure the size can you or not before purchasing.... quality is similar t store bought clothes
  5. The reason I will consider to get Note 3 will be the batery can last longer than normal smart phone lo...also wider screen...i hate small screen phone!
  6.   yes! of course u must get one since u love to own them.... don't let regret fill up ur life.. go get whatever you like!!!   in price wise, u can check with any telco in ur hometown.. they usually will give some special package for ipad series... go go go!
  7. haha this OCBC Titanium card again!! tmr is the last day.. better swap as much as you can to get 5% rebate ya!!! after 29 Nov become 1% then you can only get low cash rebate!! faster fast!!  :takepicture:
  8. Wanted to get Maybank 2 Platinum Card but then when you use Amex can get 5 times points & rebates which not much shops accepted Amex Card yet.    For Citi Rewards card, how does the category selection will help in points redemption? What is the minimum requirement and annual fees? anyone here knows?
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