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  1. I just realised that actually we can try racing too..sounds very cool..always thought can watch on television...now dream might come true. https://www.theright2race.com/en_MY/home
  2. I have no appetite now because I just drop my phone into loo full of pee... Is my bad habit that I like to play game while in toilet. My fault. Anyway it spoilt and the screen is not working. Repair is going to cost me bomb!    I think is wise to change a new one. any suggestion as which phone is good? and what is current best promotion for smart phone?
  3. I am so glad that I finally can get my gf become my wife last month...alot of thing need to do for wedding. And headache start because all thing involve lots of money.  Now my wife's parents asking for RM15k for betrothal money...I am going to broke lo...now thinking how to gather all this $$ Have you guys experience such high demand from gf's family before? And how are you overcome this?
  4.   u must be from rich family. i cant see the necessity for you to get urself a tablet. this is really pricey.. go get urself a laptop will be more useful! 
  5. I think 5% cash back rebate  OCBC titanium card still is the highest among all right?  I got it every end of the month...
  6. i don like contract la..just tie you for 12 months for ntg..and sometime you call is so expensive..what so call Free call for how many hours...still the same la!
  7. Feel want to get one credit card but would like to check out which card got the most highest rewards points and freebies when we sign up ?
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