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  1. akihabara only because i'm such a geek
  2. saffron

    knee is so dark

    i don't think scrubbing twice a day is such a good idea actually i use a bath puff once a day (can get this from the body shop or any watsons/guardian store) and shower gel because it's not as harsh as scrubbing. and then i moisturize every night before i sleep. knees and elbows are very prone to dead skin and cells so it needs a bit of help with exfoliating. i've been doing this for years and it works great for me; no grey knees and elbows
  3. are you selling or what? i'm pretty interested
  4. saffron

    police saman

    oop. sorry i meant that i paid RM30.
  5. saffron

    police saman

    depending on the offense, you can get a discount of up to 90%. but you must go to the police station, though. i went to settle my summons for a traffic offense a couple of months ago, the summons was issued for RM300 but even before i made an appeal, the officer just told me to pay RM300. unless it's a heavy offense like an accident or something, you can usually get a discount, but you must go to the police station. my offense was for not using a handsfree kit while driving.
  6. i personally find that carmex gives me a lot more relief than other lip balms and it also helps my lips heal faster.
  7. the only fail-proof way to avoid pregnancy is abstinence.
  8. i'd have to say Ringgit although not widely in many countries around the world, i always bring about RM300 spare just in case. and my debit visa card it's saved my life a few times in foreign countries. cos it's not always advisable to bring too much cash around. a dress cos you never know if you'd want to go to someplace nice. and lip balm! i've forgotten that a few times while traveling and i had to buy an overpriced one in japan because my lips were chapped in the cold weather. mobile phone though i know most people prefer to leave theirs at home. but most of our networks cover global roaming and you never know when emergencies might pop up. it came in handy too in cambodia when i had to text my tuk tuk driver to come pick me up
  9. i have a doctor feelgood from benefit that i've only used less than 5 times. doesn't suit my skin. am thinking of selling it off would you be interested?
  10. there are a few wig shops in sungei wang. i've seen one selling wigs with real human hair. very pricey, though.
  11. i voted for dawn, natasha and juanita. i love dawn's transformation and i don't think her hair is disastrous. it gives her an edge she would never have with her old hair. natasha i like because she actually seems to know what she's talking about most of the time. and juanita. is. hot. i hope she goes far because we all know the industry's not very kind to girls in colored skin.
  12. i see a lot of stereotyping going on here. and most are downright ridiculous. all white men are hairy? all white men are more well endowed? that's as bad as saying all japanese people are short and have small eyes.
  13. saffron

    Hair Relaxer

    i did it a few days before chinese new year. my hair was straight, silky, smooth and shiny but it's starting to misbehave a little now.
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