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  1. Any suggestions in finding fwb?


  2. Looking for REAL Friends!!!

  3. PhoneSex is Outdated. In todays Internet World, mostly go for Video Sex via Skype!
  4. First of all, you must understand that almost all men around that age are "Adventurous". They will keep trying out new things in life including new sexual partners. I would say 90% of men.   As for the Chinadolls, they can easily outperformed you on bed bcos naturally they are very good at it, (thru feedback from male friends). I have never tried b4 bcos I cant communicate with them. I am English Ed. You cant beat them.   Based on my experience and wisdom, here's my suggestion. Do the things that the Chinadolls cant do!   1) Cook different and nice food for your hubby. Learn to cook something new everyweek. Get some recipe book. Know what's his favourite food.   2) Improvised your Sexual Technology while you on bed. Dont keep repeating the same pattern/routine till he bored of you. Get some Female Nutrition to juice-up yourself (let me know if you want to know the product).   3) Never talk to him abt your competitor or question him at all. It will end-up as quarrel! Pretend that you dont know so that he wont hide too many things from you.   4) Drained him - Estimate the day/s that he would see the chinadoll. Tell him that your urge for sex is high and make him "Dried/Tired". By doing so, he might not be able to perform when he meet her.   5) Suspecting that he is seeing the chinagal, call him in the middle of her Outing and tell him that you need him on bed, ask him to come back earlier as your urge is high. By doing this, he might just cancel his adventure and come back to serve you.   Hope the above "Reverse Technology" could help you get back your husband. If the above are not enough, let me know, I will give you more advice from a men perspective.     Be Happy :-)
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