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  1. i ve done many phonesexes..some of them ended with real sex and some last till today.. i also had done 3 some fonsex also i fuck my girl while she do fonsex with her friends sometimes she turn the hp loudspeaker and i listened to the callers imagination and i do it accordingly we also did 3g/video call fonsex the thing i still not able to do is to watch my girl fuck with other guy and show it to me through 3g call :-)
  2. hallo everyone.. i often do phonesex with my secret lover..earlier she loved the idea of 3some or gangbang but only to fantasize it..but as i consistently talk to her this matter..finally she responded positively and willing to do it. i would like to find a guy to join me. i dunno if a girl interested to join us but i wont resist if there is one.   for those interested, mail me at : gebukeras@yahoo.com   we are malay couple, somehow we dont do racist ..indian or chinese or else, given the chance equally :-) 1 am 34 my girl is 24..   provide me details; age. marital status,sex experience,height,weight,phone no is optional,penis size,race   we prefer non drinker,non smoker, those staying in KL, can be ready by short notice   my girl prefer men with saggy scrotum :-) she loves it!!   in addition you can read my blog:   http://diaskandalku.blogspot.com/2013/05/threesome-project-cik-gebu.html
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