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  1. https://ritualny-agent.atwebpages.com/

  2. I quit already. Can't get much in terms of new stuff (except more graphics and more to catch,) since Niantic can't do anything about the spoofers. Might log on for a while and play a bit when I get to Japan though. Otherwise... Not playing anymore. Sorry if there's not much in terms of reply from me -- I'm not here very often any more. Looks like most of my buddies have left, too.
  3. Wow, this is a long time ago. Hope you found your solution. First off, I'm a guy. Scientifically speaking, with the benefit of my past partners' experience: First time is likely to be painful. Unless you're one of the lucky ones (tore your hymen during sports, etc.) Second time is not painful, just tight. Fear may scare you away, though. But then that means no more intimacy for you. The first time is the most painful. It's good after. Unless you have a lousy partner. Some girls like it rough - a little bit of fear of pain causes a rush of adrenaline; increases the heart rate and breathing, reduces pain. Sex before you're properly lubricated is a little bit painful, and exciting. That's what I'm told, anyway. Then again, some girls are forever lubricated just thinking. Personally, I think I have way less interest in sex than any of my past / present partner(s. My definition of fulfillment is reading Newton or Einstein's works at the library.)
  4. ^^ Just starting out. Not very interesting though.
  5. Hullo. Welcome to MYB as we call it.
  6. Scientifically speaking, viruses are not alive, so you cannot kill them. ergo, there are not real anti-viral sanitizers. They are all only certified for bacteria. Alcohol is an antibacterial agent. Low dosages should be fine, unless you're worried about it being non-kosher/non-halal. For further reference, http://emerald.tufts.edu/med/apua/about_issue/agents.shtml
  7. Looks useful, considering that I keep seeing long queues at the female toilets. These things take up less space than stalls, and will probably make going to the toilet more efficient. Do they come with bidets?
  8. lol Did you make them? They were gooooooood. I should make some more.
  9. CyBeR


    Oh, update. My old FB account died for unknown reasons. I'm now chrisc.my at gmail.com
  10. CyBeR


    Yo. I'm doing fine, I think. Could always be better, but I'm not really complaining. Even if it's a hobby. hahaha Life is ok, Fred. ^^
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