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  1. hey i found that this card is the best! cause i love their partner airlines.. i think i will pick either MAS or Singapore airline when going for company trip and then air asia for travelling purpose.. hehe.. one more thing, they give 20% discount on Gold Heart Jewelry and Zalora!! think it's time to bring my mom for shopping. hehehe.. Happy Mother's Day!
  2. i'm actually looking for a new credit card for myself now, which provided travel rewards. this is because i love to travel and travel very often. so i think it would be awesome if i apply a credit card with travel rewards. fyi, im 25 this year and my salary is around 2.5k each month. my colleagues recommended me a few types of credit card such as hsbc visa signature, citi prestige card, air asia CB gold visa, standard chartered worldmiles master card and so on.. but im in dilemma now, dont know which one is better and which one suit me more. anyone has idea?? please share the info here ya. thanks :)
  3. hi all.. cheeezzie here.. am newbie.. nice to meet ya~
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