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    Now technology so convenient , y still need go to cinema watch movie?At home also can watch movie lah,why so troublesome lol
  2. it's true!! students are entitled for discount 38% for the transfer credits to study in SEGI College... it's a good news for u !!   http://www.segi.edu.my/edu-switch/
  3. heard from my friend recently he told me students are entitled for discount for transferring credits to study in their college although the classes might be small and looking on the bright side the students get to spend more time with the lecturer right. its the different learning experience compare to a class full of students. 
  4. talk about shopping...Zara and Topshop is my first choice...although is abit pricey but the quality is good.. And they always have sales....i really shop until i broke!!!!!! 
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