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  1. If you have not fulfilled your contract, ie. 3 mths or 1 year, definitely you cannot terminate your membership. Once you have done that, there's no reason why FF will not let you terminate. If the SA is not helpful, speak to her/his superior for a clearer picture.
  2. sorry, what is tui na? is it the usual massage? Where is the place u went to? I'm looking for acupuncture to cure my insomnia.
  3. Has anyone done acupuncture before? Care to share your experience?
  4. Destiny

    Eye checkup

    Has anyone done or heard of eye medical checkup....similar to health checkup, but for eyes? I know in Singapore there is such checkup but I wonder if there is any in Malaysia. Anyone knows
  5. I have seen ladies exposing their butt cracks many times. To these ladies, doing this is probably sexy and they want to grab some attention. However, little do they know that they are actually the laughing stock of people around them. Men and women alike will shake their heads and laugh at these ladies. Initially I thought men would love to see such exposure but to my surprise, most of my male friends and colleagues who were with me during those times expressed their disgust at such sight. So ladies, why do you want to make a fool of yourself?
  6. Destiny

    New toll Rates

    With the increase in MAS domestic airfares, we have to put up with the frequent Air Asia flight delays because that's the only airline most people can afford now and Air Asia knows that. They probably should change their tagline to "NOW EVERYONE CAN FLY...LATE"
  7. Our public transportation system is so pathetic that it's no wonder many people still prefer to drive. I stay in Puchong. In order for me to take public transportation to KL, I either take a bus or taxi or LRT. Well, buses are always full plus I had to walk approximately 1.5km to get to the bus stop. Taxis are so expensive cos some drivers refused to use meter and even if drivers do use meters, I do not want to sit in the cab and stare at the meter rolling while I'm stuck in the heavy traffic jam..it will cost me a bomb!. As for LRT, there is no feeder bus plying my housing area which means I have to drive to the nearest LRT station which is Bkt Jalil. It takes abt 30-40 mins to get to the LRT station...worse if heavy traffic jam. Then, I have to park at a distance and walk to the station...boarding the train to masjid jamek will take me to 30 mins..worse if I have change train at Masjid Jamek to reach my destination. The last time I took a train to KLCC in the morning on a weekday, the whole journey took me 1hour ++...not to mention the amount of walking I had to do in between. Needless to say, that was the last time I take LRT to the city to attend to an appointment.
  8. Well, I did once think about migrating...but it wasn't because I wasn't pleased with this country. I was very young and ambitious at the time and had this notion that working and living in a "kwai low" country is much better. I no longer think that way. I do know of relatives, former neigbours, friends who migrate to other countries only to come back again. I do know of a blogger who kept bitching about Malaysia but she's still living here, I wonder why. For those who wish to migrate because of their dis-pleasure of this country, I wish them good luck. I don't regret thinking about not migrating though. That is not to say I'm very happy with what's been going on lately. Like I said earlier, many leaders have brains the size of a poodle. The lack of common sense among us Malaysians is really amazing. And of course, with the recent news of our space program and teh tarik, we are the laughing stock of the world. But hey, I'm thankful that M'sians are still able to co-exist with each other peacefully. I'm amazed that we haven't started killing each other.
  9. I do agree on one thing...many government leaders do not think with their brains. They simply do things ... never plan properly before acting. And many have no common sense too. A very good example, Mat Rempits and UMNO. Even a 5 year old can tell you mat rempits are a menace to society.
  10. Item no. 5 above isn't correct. I live in Bandar Kinrara and there was a chinese primary school built there about 5-6 years ago in BK2. Let's not jump to conclusion and make statements that aren't supported by facts. As a chinese, sometimes I do get frustrated with the way things are done here. I'm sure the Indians are as well...I believe some Malays feel the same way too. It's easy to say migrate to another country if we aren't welcomed here. Are we so sure that we are welcomed in another country? Are we so sure we wont' be discriminated against in other countries? The grass may look greener on the other side but you won't know the truth until you have actually step on the grass. If there are people who are not happy with this country, by all means leave. No one is forcing you to stay. If you feel there is another country out there that welcomes you more than your own homeland, by all means go there.
  11. Hey, maybe you are right. There was once, after class I was sitting at a table alone and he walked past me. I didn't realise someone walking by until he walked past me. He didn't say anything to me leh..but he said goodbye (quite loudly too, I must say) to one of the male frontdesk fella b4 leaving the gym.
  12. ellabella, thanks for enlightening us. I've seen instructors dating instructors...hehehe...not against policy kah? Anyway, that guy is a freelance instructor. I don't think I should pursue this any longer la...it was probably just my imagination. Besides, I find that I'm starting to lose interest in the class anyway cos' I find that I can't do as well as I did before.
  13. During class he does help me if I'm not doing my yoga correctly...but then again, that is his job
  14. Well, he is a bit shy so is hard to approach him and it doesnt help that he usually rushes off after class. I realised that I shouldnt be so perasan la...guess I was reading too much into the actions . Besides, I think I have already wasted the 3 opportunites that I had to chat with him. He doesn't do workout at the gym anymore..just come for class only.
  15. Let's not scare the poor girl. I faced similar problem before and it lasted me few months. Of course, all kind of thoughts came to my mind...constipation, haemorrhage, cancer etc etc. Now the problem is gone cos I make an effort to drink more fluids. I believe that lack of water was the cause of the blood. I would advise you to drink more water. If the problem still persist or worsens, go consult a doctor.
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