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  1. Hi Bee Lian

    It was wonderful massage by Frank. I used to go to him but stopped for almost 2 years due to personal issues. I really miss his massages. His touch is still good.. however please note he has discontinued his no.. now the contact is through email and he will email or call back with different no. 

  2. Hi I have gone to Frank 6 times this year to de-stress, latest last week. My lower back pain is less now. His massage is good and he also stretches my back. Of course he said the pain will not disappear like magic but will take time. I am glad I found him. 


    Merry Xmas and a Happy New year folks.    

  3. thanks forum for info on massages. it is informative. anyway went again for an appointment last Saturday...my second with Frank. He massaged very well with the right amount of pressure and also did some stretching. I had this nagging pain on the lower back . I would not say it has disappeared but it has improved.  

  4. I am a newbie here. I always wanted a massage but never did. But sometime ago my friend heard Franks name being mentioned for massage. Am scared to go to guys so I searched the net for info. I got an appointment with Frank but I almost cancelled it as I was a bit scared. Somehow on that day I finally saw Frank. He is polite and behaved well which i like. His massage was good. Now i am looking  for regular appointments.

    As for you all who may be interested, please do your own research before going to any therapists.   

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