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  1. Hello Members, Online steaming, often referred to as Internet streaming, is multimedia that is constantly received by an end-user, and is delivered by a streaming provider over a network connection. This media can be in the form of audio or video, The two ways in which to watch to or listen to media files over the Internet are to either download the content or stream it. Downloading the file physically saves somewhere on your computer. However, with streaming, no download takes place. Media players that read and interpret streaming audio and video need to process a certain amount of the stream, at least one packet, before anything can be displayed. The buffer is computer memory that stores the digital information so that it can later be processed. A buffer in a media stream will often store a few seconds worth of information so that the playback appears smooth, and the stream is continuous. Regards, John Wilson lifestream.tv
  2. Hello Community, Good wishes to everyone. I am new to this site and wants to take participation in the discussion board. I am fine here and I hope everything goes fine here. This forum will help me to gain a lot of knowledge, as there are a lot of things within it. I hope I can enjoy my stay here with all your cooperation and suggestions. Best Regards, John Wilson lifestream.tv
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