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  1. preppyrose


    just went there last week. i'm a picky eater and i think for that kinda money, u can get better food and service elsewhere.
  2. Name of Company: City Golf Overview: City Golf is Malaysia’s only indoor golf lounge and bar. We are looking for new team members to help with the Food & Beverage side of the business. Position: Service staff to wait on tables and look after golf simulator operations. Reports to the Bar Manager. Package: Good salary including service points, with opportunities to grow with the company. Staff meals and uniform provided. Pleasant working environment. Requirements: Candidates should have a minimum of one year’s experience in the service industry, speak fluent English and have excellent people skills. Contact Person: Phoon at 03 2282 0011 or phoon@citygolf.com.my
  3. Anyone interested in a 3 days 2 nites outdoor trip this weekend? VENUE: My Gopeng Resort, Perak CHECK IN: 29/8/09 12:00 pm CHECK OUT: 31/8/09 1:00pm ACTIVITIES: white water rafting, jungle night walk, caving at Gua Kandu, waterfall abseiling, free and easy. PRICE: RM400 (negotiable. normal price within range of RM500 - RM600) inclusive of accomodation, meals and activities Admin, please move if posted in wrong forum. Thanks!
  4. anyone been to peek-a-boo sunway? are they good?
  5. well... i'm a working student, so i'll support another student on assignment. just submitted. all the best!
  6. i normally get mine from either caring or guardian. but then sometimes u need to check with the SA, cos they may be either out of stock or not on display
  7. no one's right or wrong. u guys just have different point of views. if u compare ur friends's sister's wedding to those of normal folk's, then it's not average. but my opinion is ur friend is actually comparing the sister's wedding to those which are more/very well-off, hence she finds it average.
  8. 1. Which one u prefer between Nestle and Wall's Ice-cream? Walls 2. How often you purchase an Ice-cream and how many times brought per month? 1 - 2 times a month 3. Which one u prefer between ice-cream stick and Ice-cream cup? Cup 4. As a parents, would you let your kids eat ice-cream? Yes, occasionaly 5. Where u usually purchase an Ice-cream? Petrol Station, Hyper Market, Grocery shop or 7-11? 7-11 6. If releases a new flavors ice-cream, which type of flavors u prefer? Vanilla & Green tea Age: 27
  9. amare... i thought about taking psychology too. how is the course like?
  10. i'm thinking of doing this course next year. at the same time, i'd like to start working at a kindergarten to gain experience. the reason i wanna take up this course is because i love children and i enjoy training them. however, my realistic side is scared of the jump. i've been working for about 8 years and currently earning a steady income. i've asked around and found out that a teaching assistant gets about rm600 a month. i'm in a dilemma now.
  11. do u have to have related paper qualifications or experience in order to teach?
  12. this is not exactly related... over the years we tend to accumulate a lot of momentos - letters, cards, wedding invitations, token from some events. a lot of us cant bring ourselves to throw them cos of sentimental value. in actual fact if it really go missing, we'll be surprised how it wont bother us at all. i remember when my first bf left me for someone else... i was really mad at him. i wanna throw away all his cards, letters n handmade gifts but my best friend stopped me, saying dat i may regret it later cos i can bring it out many years later n laugh about it. she offered to keep for me. its been more than 10 years. i've never checked with her how those things are doing now. haha...
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