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  1. 2day brought bfast to her at sch...but she din go for class 2day...gave herself an early holiday, lolz called her, but she nt yt wake up...so went to her house den pass it to her sis lo i'm so worried dat time...but luckily ntg bad happened, hehe
  2. As far as I know...i think none ba (i dun see anyone that's obviously going after her or those aggressive type)...but i know she got quite a number of guys friends, but maybe not as close i do?? haha Ooo...mayb i've been a part-time interviewer b4, hehe Dat's how i know to get her better and become vry close friends...i think i know plenty of her likes n dislikes, but not all lar Now u sounds less like a workaholic d, haha
  3. thx for replying in my thread previously...i think now i should give u a piece of my own thinking 1st i wanna ask...are u really interested in her?? Do u like her vry much?? IF da answer is yes, then definitely u should wait for her, but don't rush her...my gals friends always tell me that gals themselves are very scared when faced with the "ultimate" question...try asking yrself, if suddenly one gal come n confess to you...how will u react?? Wat happens if she do it over and over again after u couldn't decide during da 1st confession?? Does it scares u away?? Then, ask yrself again, do u really wanna spend your time only on her?? Izit worth the waiting?? Is there any better gals for u out there?? U can wait for her but rmb always keep yr options available. Always look around yrself, who knows one day u'll find someone who is more suited for u. I think that's all I can say for now...if there's anything else i'll post again ^^
  4. Dun quite understand da bold part, haha YAlor...now aso a bit regret asking using SMS...should hav ask face-2-face..aihs But nvm, I'm nt ready to give up on her yt...I will definitely give it another go in da future...until then i think i should know wat to do.
  5. of course i'll still treat her nice, she's still my best fren wat so in da meantime, i jz let ourself be friends, concentrate in wat we are doin...we are still young anyway lolx...be an interviewer?? how??
  6. mayb u're right... i guess i'll let time passes by 1st b4 doin anything else~~
  7. Update: Can check out this post - http://www.malaysianbabes.net/forum/index....mp;#entry477425 Maybe wil try again in da future...
  8. Guess wat....ytd she said she was sick...so when i talk to her, asking her to drink more water like u usually do when u really care...she asked me not to treat her so good. I asked her why and she said I might be disappointed with her...so i adi know da answer d...she said v r really good frens and she's nt really prepared to be in a relationship. I know she've tried, tried to start a relationship with me, but mayb it's not the right time yt...and I can't do anything more as she already said so...but i did jokingly tell her dat mayb in da future i'll try again and she said no prob, lolx. (it's kinda impossible rite??) Actually almost a years back, I've try confessing and already got rejected..not directly i'd say. Can check out this previous topic - http://www.malaysianbabes.net/forum/index....showtopic=10796
  9. Haha...reallly appreciate your advice. About curing workaholic ar...jz go out n hang out or relax sumtimes...jz keep yr mind away from yr work, hehe WAh...burn application n resume...wanna giv ancestor see?? hehe Greekgod, I really liked the way you express everything in such a way -> the submitting application, processing and everything, it's kinda cool and easy to understand^^ Once again, thanks a lot. Guess now I'll have to stay cool n dun think too much bout it...since CNY and V-day coming soon, maybe i'll hav chances to do stg (add supporting documents, haha) Will update this thread if there's anything goin on.
  10. haha..i sense a workaholic here anyway, thx for da reply
  11. Ermm..actually i've made an considered as unofficial confession to the girl that i liked, but I duno wat's her reply... I'm sorry for the broken english here, but hope u all can understand the meaning. I jz wanna know what exactly is she thinking as I'm really confused - does she likes me? or am i jz a real good friend to her?? on dat nite when v were sms-ing suddenly i popped up da ques" eh do u think u wanna be my gf ar?" she replied"Wa...u darn straight d ar? scare me nia" i asked her "y? shocked? i tot u adi knw liao ma.." she say "hehe...dun play la..." den she said "i alwis become stupid when i face dis prob..haiz" den i tell her "i really wanna be her "ehem" lo: she replied "but quite hard le...many thg "he" hv to do d..." den i ask her "wat things are u expecting from "him"... she say tell me next time.. so i jz replied her "Next time?? When i become "him" ar??" den she say she dunno how to say le and went to slp d Thx for reading and hopefully u all can help me understand what exactly she wants.
  12. The prob is i dun even knw wat's in her mind now, really confused...I will nt ever knw exactly wat she is thinking unless i'm asking the ultimate question I'm situated in the 2 extreme ends - it's either like lois_lane's case, a happy ending or "that's it, i'm jz treating u as a gd friend" thx wendy for yr word "Never try Never know"...mayb i haven't found a suitable time to give it a try by telling her directly and c how's the response...
  13. really?? where your post?? dun mind leaving a link here??
  14. Yea, she did talked to me abt how she felt during dat period although it's not much when her granma is really sick...mayb i serve as a GOOD FRIEND only Huh?? Is this relevant to this thread?? Well, I really hope it's a good sign...I hav totally no idea what is in her mind...zzz Anyway, izit a good idea to test her by not sms-ing, msn-ing her at all and see how she reacts?? Cause usually about 75% I'm the one who initiate the talk, and this might not be a good sign...haiz...been thinking too much lately Wanna ask u gals, have ever encountered stg like: There's a guy who likes u and u knew about it, but he haven't confess to you, jz some noticable hinting. But when asked by your gal friends, u jz tell them dat u treat that guy as a really good friend only - Does that means that u're concealing the truth waiting for that guy to make the 1st move before doin anything?? Or u really really mean it -> u're not interested??
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