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  1. Really no one here knows any MUA?  While i looking for MUA, i found a website that is quite useful for freelance makeup artist. I think the best thing is i can see what the MUA availability , charges and reviews. You know sometimes is pretty hectic to ask friends forum and others on the MUA services. They are pretty new and i found that their facebook page is doing some beauty expo 2013 korea contest for MUA freelancer who join them. Well i think is something freelance MUA could try it on. Just to share:www.facebook.com/SoftSurf   Buz  
  2. BuzBuzGal

    DOLL Makeup

    I found her look so much like a doll, Just wanted to share her tips on makeup. She is amazing isn't she!     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ianCy-kjVyc    
  3. Hi i m looking for a freelance makeup artist that could help on my events party? Is there any place that i could get some recommendation? Any websites? any good freelance makeup artist to introduce? Thanks.     xoxo BuzBuz
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