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  1. do u want to try the Body Beaus Slimming tablets ? I can get the Body Beaus Slimming pills with RM 300 per box. Some beauty salons were selling RM 340-388 per box. The price per box is quantity sensitive.

    I had comsume these body beaus a couple of months ago and now I have lost 6 kgs.

    I found this quite effective !!! It is all made out of natural ingredients. No

  2. Vee vee is right! hehe i agree 100% with her words. i am oso a jewel maker n seller of swarovski n many else. i get all my materials from singapore. is easy to identify the fake crystals. coz the fake 1 is really not nice, the cutting, the color itself. u may visit to my little store. http://jesseyong.wordpress.com
  3. actually u can learn it by ur ownself through some guides in the internet. I know that there is jewellery making courses provided in Singapore... $ 30 perhour...
  4. how to get slimmer? Cut down on ur meals? exercise? ANy ideas pls?
  5. who experience practical during study life? pls giv me suggestions that the DO n DONT in the organization coz i am going to practical soon.
  6. hi all, i am currently 23. still studying. so i always heard my fren said they went to this pub, there .. with who ... but i really seldom go to any pub or clubbing for this 23 years. i went twice to a pub coz to attend my fren's 21st birthday. is clubbing a must? i juz asking coz i am curios. hehe. tell me more if u know. pls giv suggestion to me too.
  7. I am a final sem student of degree. I am planning to take a master too. Any idea of what course available in the market? The course i am taking now is business admin. So is it can I take any course that i like as my Master or have to follow the subject which related to Business admin? Pls gimme some ideas. ty
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