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  1. Do older men actually thinks about the future with you in it if he's talking about marriage? I'm dating a 39 year old man , and i'm 26. We're in a long distance relationship.He actually did visit me twice this year.. and he met my family already.He asked me to marry him the other day,I havent met his family yet, but I will next year during Chinese New Year .. I'm just feeling insecure since he's so far away and I don't know what he's doing over there. :( . But he does spend a lot of money for me, even bought my air ticket for next already. :( He called me every night, but these past few days, we only talk less than a minute because he said he's busy arranging the loan or whatever payment since he's buying a house over there. He text me good morning everyday..and i don't know why am I still having doubts about him.I love him , but I'm scared that he'll cheat on me ... I'm letting him be my mood setter, I'll be sad the whole day if I feel like he doesn't care about me and didn't call me to make me feel better. any advice? :(    
  2. it's embarrassing..... and i am not confident enough to show it to my bf.. :(
  3. Is there any products to make the inner thighs lighter??? I am having this problem and it prevented me to wear swimming suit.. :( .. help please???
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