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  1. [img]http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_VHKd36pCbfU/S_5WDer0gQI/AAAAAAAAAUc/-tpB73v-zo4/s320/DSC01020.JPG[/img] After using them for about a month plus, both still left a considerably large amount. I used the cleanser and toner everyday, twice a day. Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Cleanser What it says: Reduces blemishes in 3 weeks Cleanses gently and effectively eliminates excess sebum Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Cleanser effectively, yet gently eliminates excess sebum while removing dirt and make-up thanks to its soap-free formula with 6% ampho-Tenside It leaves the skin feeling clean, Fresh and supple • Anti-Bacterial • Non Comedogenic What i think: I say, skip this cleanser! It's blah, deserve to be in the bin. It doesnt lather and foam at all, no matter how much amount i use. Doesn't clean properly and it's too mild for acne prone skin. Forget about removing makeup, this thing doesnt even remove oil! Bin it. Ratings: 0/5 (Totally hate it. Why the heck would anyone use this?) Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Toner What it says: Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Toner clears the skin and provides intensive cleansing for T-zone and other problem areas. Its formula with Lactic Acid Gently unclogs pores without overdrying. • Comedolytic Action • Non-Comedogenic • Compatible with common acne medication What I think: Okay, this is mich better than the cleanser. I like it cos it's mild (not as alcohol laden as clinique's) and it cleans quite well. I can see a lot of dirt stuck on the cotton (I've tried with my usual cleanser, not Eucerin's). It leaves a sticky feeling after application but absorbs very fast to the skin. Texture wise, it's watery like other toners but greenish in colour, doesn't bother me. But what I really like is the fact that it reduces my pimples on the forehead and blackhead on the nose. This works better than Clinique and Biotherm's toner but wouldn't be in my HG list as well. Ratings: 3/5 (Moderately okay, not bad if you're on a tight budget)
  2. i think pencil eyeliner is best for beginner. Easy to draw and if got boo boos also no worries. can wipe and redraw again, not like liquid. hehe...
  3. hi, u can try ELF brushes. They're super affordable and have very good reviews. I personally like their ELF studio powder brush and Eyeshadow brush. I got them for RM6 and RM15. The Studio powder brush is comparable to MAC brush
  4. Hey babes, My friend will be going to U.S next month and i'm wondering what makeup stuff should i get from there? Any good products that US have but M'sia dont have yet? Or stuff that in M'sia cost a bomb but way cheaper in US? I heard UDPP is good but not sure is it cheaper in US or order online cheaper... Any suggestion is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! PS: Sorry mod if this is at the wrong section to post...Dunno whr else to post..
  5. QUOTE (ezza91 @ Apr 13 2009, 02:06 PM) do anyone sell monrose sample products? coz im afraid that it wont suit my sensitive skin... plizz n tq..=) [color="#0000FF"]Monrose doesnt have trial kit or samples dear... EDITTED : NO BISNESS SOLICITION IN DISCUSSION THREADS PLS .TQ
  6. joanyee

    nice facial!

    QUOTE (winnie@ @ May 4 2009, 01:13 AM) the beauciatian u dont like call winnie??haha..sounds like me... damansara branch got 1 beautician quite pushy also,although she wont show face but she will promote their packages and product,others is very good as far as i am concern..so normally i try to avoid that beautician and when i make appointment,i will specifically tell them which beautician i wan.. the beauciatian u dont like call winnie??haha..sounds like me... lol. yea..what a small world.. when i saw her name tag, i thought of u too cos u're the one who sent me the voucher yea..i guess will avoid her..
  7. joanyee

    nice facial!

    i went to firstlady klang on monday to do the trial facial. They're very very pushy. When i was doing my facial, after extraction the beautician pushed me to use ampoules and i have to add RM38 per ampoule... At the end, i did the purifying ampoule.. There were 3 beauticians who attended to me (only one did my facial), the other two was pushing sales to me when i was paying. I seriously didn't like one of the girl (Her name is winnie) cos she was so pushy and when i said i dont want to sign up, she showed me faces! Grr...But in the end, i signed up for one course. RM88 for 4 times facial. Cos the other girl was very friendly, so i sign up with her. But i dislike my beautician who did my facial (Grace) cos my extraction wasnt clean..still can see blackheads.. I should have went to damansara branch..
  8. QUOTE (lemonbaby @ Apr 23 2009, 07:27 PM) hey joanyee and charlie, here r some updates after using the hydrating mask. Honestly speaking,i love this new gel masque very much My face always have inadequate hydration, although i hv been using the previous aloe vera gel mask for almost everyday. But for this hydrating masque, i only do it twice a week but it is quite misturizing... i like to touch my face each time after i wash it away with water, very soft n hydrates, i noticed it also brighten up my skin tone very much ! Oh ya, i hv no longer using the exfoliant now, becos i found the hydrating masque brighten my skin a lot, so i lazy to do the exfoliant liao wow, really that good ah... how long can one tube last ya? very expensive la..
  9. hi kaka, the dead sea mud mask is for oily skin right? so tempted to try after u mention it.. yea, anyone tried shills? especially SHILLS Azelaic Acid Aqua Shaking Mask for oily skin and acne scares...any comment?
  10. i bought for RM3 only. so far, the natto and aloe one very moisturising. Others havent tried.. black pearl that good? maybe should try it next time..
  11. joanyee


    i'm interested in ampoules too... there's so many types and brands to choose from... but mostly on the net (lyn and myb), france and germany ampoules are sold.. Just wondering which one is better, France or Germany? France ampoule seems to be cheaper also..only RM30 for 10 vials.. are u using that glacialy?
  12. oh..ok..sounds good.. hm..any hydration mask in tube form to recommend? e i used Mary Kay last time too. The mask formula 3 is good but other than that ok lor.. maybe u can try monrose cos the rpice almost the same as mary kay... so far, i used for one week only, so cant tell whether good or not now...
  13. hehe...let us know how is the mask after u try ya skin food is good? i've never tried their products before...which one is good? hm...it's time for me to browse through skin food page in myb
  14. joanyee


    hey dear.. i'm ur previous buyer from lyn...the one cod with u last sunday in SS15, and was late ? Anyway, free bump for u.. the mask is nice...so far tried aloe and ginseng...not bad for its price, worth trying lor.. i bought 19 pcs from her and she patiently waited for me altho i was late..good seller!
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