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  1. Was browsing for Pregnancy topic but couldnt find one. Well I just thought it would be nice if we can share our pregnancy experiences here. Let me start off with mine, I am recently found out that I am 4 weeks pregnant (I know, am not suppose to shout it out just yet, but who cares....specially for a super excited first time Mom such as myself) Lets shout out here, shall we.....
  2. Try Psyllium Husk, cheap and good for health. Specially recommended for people with high blood pressure and sort.
  3. Myself

    The Face Shop

    Love their Nail Polish, cheap and lots of nice colors as well
  4. Im Voting in for BEEF n EGG Burger, goshh I can eat 3 of 'em at one go
  5. Hey ya all, just something to share with you guys that I indeed read this treatment of a magazine last night (Dun remember exactly whether it's Her World, Female or Cleo) Anyhow it note there that there'll be an unknown side effects on this (CANCER for one), considering one thing, it's not even FDA approved (at least as of the publishing time) THINK TWICE, it's not even worth it...there are many many many other things in life for you to discover and appreciate rather than to constantly feeling depressed dwelling with our weight (Well, Im preaching I know )
  6. Well I dont know about it girls....Personally I prefer to have nothing "inject" inside my Body, may work now but you'll never know what's gonna happen in 10 or 15 years ahead. Of course this is just a personal opinion
  7. Hey all, Thanks for the response unfortunately I didnt get to stay for too long in Penang. But one thing that will keep me come back is the FOOD. I was fortunate enough to be able to taste some local cuisine in Gurney and loving it. Had the assam laksa, fried chicken skins (yes, good enough to not make me feel guilty about it) and the sting ray really rock! Anyhow as for ororo_munroe, BM area wise, try Chining Park (spelling error, somehow pronounce as such)...Love the bak koar n floss bun drench in honey sauce, BBQ chicken wings, apom and curry fish head is super recommended. I mean Dude, you are in food paradise, step in anywhere, any stall and you'll still get a good food
  8. Perhaps I'll go for the Good Looking but FAT hahaha at least you can still "alter" his Body mah.....Go gym or even slimming center lorr... Ugly Face, you cant do much about it except major face reconstruction hahaha (Geezzz how can I be so mean to joke about these). In a nutshell, what actually matter most is how "click" we are together, share the same vision and mission
  9. Myself

    Aldo shoes

    Well if it is in US$, they are ranges about 90-150 but in average they sell at about 120. I Reckon there shouldnt be that much of a difference in Malaysia
  10. Well, Caucasians love to have their skin tanned while Asians try to "bleach" theirs. That's why it is so hard to get whitening products in The States, tho no doubt they have amazing range and range of sun protection products. Anyhow, check out Target or Walmart. Which part of States are you at, might wanna check out the Chinatown shops.
  11. Hmmm we went away for a short trip and checked into a suite for couple of nights. Have you ever thought of baking your own cake? M not a good baker myself, but have always thought that "hand/home-made" prezzies are totally sweet. Hope this help
  12. Try ENO or this bottled/ canned Drink w/ a RHINO picture on it, cant remember the name. Perhapds if u want it au naturel, fresh fruit juice works wonder too...Good luck.
  13. Check out Nine West or Aldo, they have some big sizes available. Cute and comfy adds some plus points. Or Perhaps try Charles & Keith
  14. Gosh that is so true....and I hated it. I'll usually just walk out the store even as much as I wanted to browse around. Seriously they make me feel like as if Im going to sneak something into my handbag Darn irritating....
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