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  1. OPI & Sally Hansen.
  2. Of course it'll be painful... Would u rather have hairy nipples? or take the pain? haha!!!
  3. Anywhere that has nice ones i like... ill buy. Im into Chandeliers and long dangly ones
  4. We talk about sex in general sometimes... i dont talk about my sex life though.. its private and no one needs to know. But it depends on who im talking to... i dont talk bout it with all guy friends. only a few.. do gays count? lol!
  5. Spanish rap
  6. Sugeiwang probably has it... GUESS might also have something similar..
  7. Pluck it.
  8. 1. Spanish 2. Egyptian 3. Italian
  9. I rekon BOTH are responsible... if the girl doesnt request him to use a condom.. he wont.. Its not always the guys fault if the girl gets preggy.
  10. Actually u could find a design u really like and customize it urself then ask them to do it for you. That way u have a one of a kind tatt that no one else has
  11. Tatto removal cream? Tell me more!! link?
  12. ^Yup... im thinking of getting some lasered off... oneday.... I heard singapore is cheaper than msia... but i havent actually gone and checked the actual prices yet as i havent confirmed when ill laser them off...
  13. You should do a tattoo that u like.. and i mean really like... call it love hehe! Cuz once its there... its forever... dont regret that tattoo Ever watch miami ink? So Adam.. think and carefully pick a design... dont rush. Why did i say all that? Cuz i totally regret most of mine... F***!!!
  14. No sorry... thats not gonna keep ur relationship/marriage alive.. it'll probably make it worse. Dont take ur man for granted and use his money...specially if ur gonna go buy stuff like clothes, shoes, bags etc... Its just lame asking for money uknow... if he gives it to u without u asking, then thats a different story....
  15. ^Look it up on the internet...