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  1. [quote name='elisabeth04' timestamp='1294306925' post='591608'] Yes, I want to know more about this hot yoga as I didn't know more about that and the more thing is that I knew only that yoga and the most important thing in every ones life, so I quit my job and became a Yoga Alliance certified teacher. [/quote] it's normal yoga but in 37 degrees heated room right? Love it!
  2. time waits for noone.. good =)
  3. tell me it isnt so.... we only have 2 years?
  4. going Bali next week!!!!!! DEFINATELY going to Jimbaran beach for sunsets... how's nusa dua resort? We are considering that hotel for our stay
  5. U are so lucky to be able to travel wout worrying about finances. Most of us only get to plan a trip twice a year and be concerned about how many days leave we have left.
  6. going to Bali in a few days!!! I will definately be looking for activities and places that will create memories, see different things, relax, refresh body mind & soul
  7. no regrets... its like 6 out of 10 on the pain scale... you will survive! heartache more pain
  8. then..... u have to work harder and find some commonalities so that u they will see u as part of their circle too... this is a normal office activity... really..
  9. We all promise to Work to Live but it ends up being the other way around before you know it.. These people like me dont have time to look at this forum/thread and vouch for it too hahahahaha....
  10. Yup, whats the point of conitnuing a rship if he's not that into u or ur not that into him~
  11. Me too.. lack of blood cells. Needed to take special vitamins. Sometime when i just stand up, after 1 minute sitting down, everything is dizzy and almost black. I started taking vitamins and now its much better. Im not so tired and never dizzy anymore.
  12. Yes! Definately! If the chemistry is there..
  13. Not into it..
  14. Yah.. it is definately a true condition.. DVT.. haven't u ever expeirenced pins and needles, or extreme pain at ur knees when u have been sitting in a compact bus/plane for a long time? these are ur body's signals that the blood flow is disrupted and that u need to move around for circulation.. be careful everyone. Regarding gaming, omg 12 hours is far too long.. it is bad for ur health in multiple ways. Goodness.. dont do it! haha...