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  1. On and off i am still going to Frank. Not only he is good but also i am used to him for sometime. Already went twice over the last 3 months. Any way if you need any info., it is best to email him direct. Happy New Year folks
  2. Hey i managed to get Franks new no. It is...016-6980425. The old no is not in use anymore. The email remains the same.....
  3. Hello Michelle...i too try to go every alternate month....i feel good that now i go to Frank. I also look forward to my next appt next week. Hopefully i dont miss the appt... office work is piling up.
  4. there seems long pause here.............. no further updates. and going ons. anyway, i went to Frank recently and had a wonderful session. his touch is still there ..the same but he appears to have lost some I communicate through his emails... I am planning another session with him after Raya...... Selamat hari raya folks and have a nice long holidays. susan low.
  5. I enjoyed my appointment with Frank today. Like you said initial request was thru email. He is on leave from 25th till new year. I think some indian expatriates are his clients also. Thanks Michelle , Ifieza. I owe you one
  6. i just came back from an appointment from Frank .....needed a session badly.... as my stress level is very high due to heavy office work load and problems...Really felt good and am planning to go again mid October... Two of you had messaged me wanting to know about Frank and his no. He is good and i have been with him for few years and i can vouch for him...i have no complaints. But please do your own homework and make an informed decision. His No 016-2415318 (Frank) email:
  7. hi massage addict try my masseur...Malaysian Indian. I am a regular with him Hp- 016-2415318
  8. I have been going to Frank for the past few years...he is good, friendly and does give professional advice. He is a Malaysian Indian. If you wish to go to is the contact Frank 016 241 5318 Mail : . Leave message if you do not get a reply.
  9. Hi i have been going to Frank for some years now. He is really good knowledgeable friendly. He is also clean which is the most important and maintains. .all P&C. Only problem he does on outcall by appointments. So those without a place need to be done in budget rooms. His contact is 016 2415318 Susan
  10. Hi folks....i am still a regular with Frank. Kinda addicted to his massage. .i make sure i try to have an appointment every month. Nothing like getting a good massage from him. Did you know Frank offered a 30% discount for the fasting month....not many knew about it as he never advertised here. Any way he is still very good. .. take care folks and have a great hols. Selamat Hari Raya to my muslim friends Susan
  11. Hi .how are you all. Just finished the appointment with Frank. I brought the rain much to report. . Frank is as usual good thats all i can say. Started to go to him regularly after a temporary break. Been a few times already......
  12. Hi susan i am doing massage @body massage@yoni massage@breast massage@oil massage@push up massage@relaxing massage@tradisional massage 0183600511

  13. Hi Lyn ..any new development at your end...i am still with Frank as you....but my visits are much less now as i am busy and the evening rain also does not help with traffic jams. But i try to have sessions at least a few times a year.
  14. Yeah Rachel, you are right there are lot of predators out there. My advise is if you are comfortable with someone..just stick to the person. I am a regular to Frank for the past couple of years, though this year i have not been going regularly. It is due to safety and discretion, i still go to Frank whenever i get a chance ....i have no wish to change my masseur. For those wanting a session, please do your homework well.
  15. I missed my appointment with Frank ....a few times this year but finally I had one just a few days back..Nice to have his touches> I found out that he is busy with new clients. best to arrange early if you are going to have one with him. In fact he recommended to use email or sms.... so can organise ...for some who is