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  1. Thanks for the review. I actually have this one as well. It does wonders for my skin, does not make my skin dry. Infact, it helps makes the pimples become smaller and makes my face feel squeeky clean. I sometimes use it on certain spots and leave it on the whole night while I sleep. When I wake up the next day and rinse off my face I noticed that the pimple disappears!
  2. Let it happen naturally, that's my advice. If you think about it too much, even your love making session becomes a chore and no fun.
  3. Mine was two weeks as well. Its really up to you, there's no rule that says how long a honeymoon should last Everyday can be honeymoon too, haha
  4. Cas

    Hair Salon Suggestion

    I have a new fav stylist at the moment and it's bill tay of La Mode in Mid Valley. Very happy with the way he cuts my hair
  5. My hubby got me my first LV bag for my birthday. Got the Neverfull MM, love it coz its spacious and can fit all my crap in, haha.
  6. Cas

    I feel soooo sad..

    I work in a bank too. Been applying for other banking jobs but so far no one has called even though I’m under consideration on jobstreet for a few jobs. I wonder if the market is really that bad? I had an offer from Maybank early this year, but I stupidly rejected it thinking my increment and bonus this year would be better, but it wasn’t the case. Sigh. Now just waiting to get another call/interview.
  7. I recently bought the 88 warm palette from coastal scents and I’m really impressed with it. Basically you get 88 colors that will suit day and night look. I paid RM125 via a spree-er. It’s worth every penny considering how you pay only approx RM1.50 for each color, hehe. It's highly pigmented as well. You can read the reviews on the CS site and also check out their other palettes
  8. Well if she's going to judge you and whine about your second hand car then dump this woman asap.
  9. Ask your bf to go to Priceline drugstore in Australia and have a look at the makeup counter. They have all the drugstore cosmetic that is affordable. http://www.priceline.com.au/storelocator I remember buying some Garnier shampoo which we can't get here, and there are tons of other brands that can be bought there. He just needs to take the time and browse
  10. QUOTE (susan512 @ Jun 1 2009, 09:21 PM) I got the promo pack, with free treatment. It does help make my hair very smooth and straight, but I've read reviews on other forums where Ascience can actually cause more hairfall if used for long term. Not sure how true is this, though, so I don' use it daily. I'll alternate it with other clarifying shampoos to counter the builup at the scalp. Speaking of which, where can I find nEutrgena anti residue shampoo? Hiya susan, it’s been discontinued here. But there are sellers on lowyat forum selling it via pre-order from the states. That’s the best clarifying shampoo I’ve used so far. For now I use Tresemme but of course it's no where near neutrogena's anti residue shampoo.
  11. My dentist told me to do the same thing too, wear braces and then extract the teeth later which of course I didn’t do coz I was too lazy, haha
  12. Angels & Demon – although I’ve yet to read the book, I managed to understand it well, hehe
  13. Went to the Maju Junction Body Shop outlet yesterday, I was the only one around. Only managed to get two 400ml grapefruit and mango shower gel for RM24.50 each (30% discount). There were a few items eg: perfume/mist for 50-70%. Thought I could get the holiday edition shower gel but all sold out! Overall not as exciting as I thought it would be because all the good stuff were snapped up on Friday itself. Boo.
  14. The shower gels are off at 50%?? Oh man I HAVE to go!!
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