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  1. Really?? But is all the data can bring? Any limited GB amount? Ya. My brother did love music also. He keep annoy me to help him to chg this plan lol But this plan need any contract?? Nope, my bro told me this plan was extended due many ppl request to sign tis plan
  2. https://www.*** auto spam filter ***.com.my/personal/plans/gold You may refer this website. My bro said this plan is 10GB with unlimited call and SMS So what you think? Is it worth?? Really? Dont you think 10GB is quite wasteful?? i dont think he can use that much lol
  3. My brother ask me to change a new telco plan for him. He said that this plan is better than the one he is using. What do you think? RM80 is a big amount for monthly expenses?
  4. u need booking in 14 day before u purcase item u need.. i heard courst got waranti 10 years for item they sell. this flexi kredit is monthly payment methods, low-class people are also able to buy at courts..
  5. Not everyone has money like you, so the courts have made a purchase using a flexi credit, namely payment monthly to courts to facilitate customers to buy and have the items they need.
  6. I think the only online purchases using credit flexi and you will get the goods that you book for a week.
  7. courts have held a promotion named (Memang Senang), it was a variety of items to be found such as electrical goods, furniture, gadgets and more la. I think all these offers are available for purchase online or go to the courts..
  8. what your refrigerator problem? less cold? and how long have you use it?? i heard courts got promotion (memang senang) rite now..
  9. I did agreed with you..their cs really very helpful. I used to call them whenever I hyas any problem and they willing to settle for me regarding the fibre connection Musis connection not bad too..but too expensive. 398!!! So TIME is very affordable compared with others.
  10. Not expensive if you do the math..100Mbps and 100GB. I often do speed test to check the speed of TIME. Sometimes more than 110 Mbps. Sumore Can get 10GB throttle speed after we finish the 100GB..
  11. peanutjem


    TGV before have offer,buy one movie ticket give one movie ticket but i had miss out this offer now has to buy 2 tickets for admission
  12. I prefer to book flight ticket and hotel together in a package because the charge rate is lower while booking separately you have to do more survey then only you can get what you want why dont just choose AirAsiaGo as the one stop solution? saved a lot of time
  13. Haha ! I got it ! BTW, AirAsiaGo seems like a lot of promotion like we can get free seats sometimes if purchase flight tickets with accommodation together. Nuh, I found this promotion. http://airasiago.com.my/
  14. wow.. sounds great! seems like purchasing flight ticket and hotel is the best choice i will go to the website and find out more thanks for sharing!
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