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  1. https://www.coway.com.my/products/water-purifier/inception try look at this one might be help u.. i used this one and so far ok, i lost my weight by consumed it.. because i have the same problem with u too like difficult to poop and my stomach buncit because of that.. and this machine is the 1st hybrid water purifier.. yeah totally agreed and u can read in link of the articles said, alkaline water can gained our immune system and helps to loss weight and its true.. difficult to poop also the reason why our body weak, and get tired easily.. hurmmm as a great user and buyer why should we need to pay to end the contract right? coway take care and serve their customer right and nicely even they already finished the installments.. not like other brand.. coway is the quality product and other brand is only know to collect the profits only..
  2. yupppp if u want to use coway, better go to their HQ if u are in KL becuase sometimes, the agent just want their commission and recommend u to the model that not suitable with ur family or ur situation...
  3. maybe they can afford to buy the stand water purifier i think . but stand is more convenience to those who are lives in condo, small house . if u stay in double storey, single storey can lah use the pendek one . put beside the sink . for ur problem, u can ask someone who experts in rearrange things in house u can throw things in ur kitchen which the things are useless and u are not using it anymore . it can helps u to have a space at ur kitchen . If u stay at condo, u can move ur dinning table at the balcony . when u have a dinner, u can see view like a candle light dinner hahahahaahaha .
  4. and yet i dunno which one i want try to give a try hahahahahaha but i really love neo design and they said, the dispenser will glow in the dark so, we can see where it is i read the spec of coway dispenser got 4 different temperature which is good enough!! no need to boil the chlorine water anymore, wait for them cold for an hour then put on the bottle, then put the water bottles in fridge and wait until it cold for 3-4hours!!! waste of my time hahahhahaha
  5. hmmmmm so, we drink unhealthy water for so many years!! such a crazyyyy oohhh! so, we need to use water filter after this... but which one water filter is the best? water dispenser like spritzer can ah?
  6. hey guys! just want to ask.... just now my friends and i talked about hygiene and tips to keep healthy....... they all said that they are using water purifier to filter up our daily use water and one of them said everyday we drank a gallon of water but mix with chlorine...... that's sometimes make our stomach ache! is that true?? if that so, means we drink a chlorine per day!!!
  7. Hey guess what.. if you're very interested with the plan, better go and subscribe asap bcz once you've subscribed the plan, you will get free petrol voucher worth RM30 better hurry up bcz it is limited, once finished then no more. Here's the website and you can visits for more info https://www.*** auto spam filter ***.com.my/personal/plans/blue
  8. That's right. It is a 2GB internet plan named First Blue by telco C you will get extra 2GB for for during weekends as well Once you have subscribed the plan, you can enjoy these benefits with monthly commitment at only RM45 Cool right?!
  9. I think it is not advisable to get him sub line.. it is better to get him a line that decidicated for him. It is more worth.. Personally I just sign up this first blue plan for my sons it is about Rm45 per month. Well... the reason why I got him this plan is because 1. The price is reasonable only RM45 per month. 2. Consist enuff data for him to contact with his classmate 3. Free music apps and free internet streaming, so he can listen music while riding on the buses\ 4. He will have extra data for him to use during the weekend.
  10. Hey,    you seriously interested in programming? then i recommend you computer science lo. It's not all about programming, but for the programing part of this course, i guess you're going to deal with Software writing, such as database design or game design. Even that patient-monitoring device used in hospitals are done by computer science people!    I agree with Thomas there, choosing the right uni is crucial. Why don't you try Inti College? they're now working on a 3+0 program with Universiy of Wollongong from Australia. This university is prestigious as it is listed in the Professional category of the Australian Computer Society.    Entering this course, you'll get 2 certs, one from Inti, one from University of Wollongong. Look at this, it's what I've found about the course http://newinti.edu.my/main/academic_programmes/computing-it/bachelor-of-computer-science
  11. Whoa, so easy??? I also want lo! so just pick and dial *128# right??
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