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  1. i guess i don't really like the crayon either..bought the white one..not smooth lah..
  2. skinfood has clear bought it!!
  3. bought the tinted moisturizer you rebel and dandelion 3 days ago in midvalley metrojaya. loving it! i'm not sure either dandelion or the tm that makes my face less oily..woohhoo..good....really obvious..
  4. bought their white eyeliner, 2 mousse eyeshadows in green and pink and a clear mascara. love the mousse eyeshadow. its like cream to powder. shimmery, light colored. would like to buy all the colors..heehe.. the clear mascara is to be used when i go out casually at night to mamak or jusco near my house..eheheheh...
  5. am using mac studio fix compact. for liquid i use loreal true match and lancome photogenic. but i rarely wear liquid foundation. currently obesessed with tinted moisturizer.
  6. yeah am using benefit you rebel too..what i notice is my face is less oily than before.. i like it..just bought it 3 days ago..the color suits me..
  7. but for me, last time the old sunsilk's formula doesnt suit me the new formula really does a good job to my hair..the pink one..but the purple one sucks..
  8. am using gap big i can even put my card reader or thumbdrive inside..hehehe..made from cow's skin, at only rm89. love it.
  9. i was in Sepang International Circuit for High-Speed Drift party! TRANSIT - Sound of Smoke. My bf took part in the drift.
  10. yup..tks's written there that the expiry date is i guess 1 year should be enough to finish the's in small case only. must put on blusher everyday now..heheeh..
  11. i went there on friday around 2pm..not many people already..most of the items sold out. i managed to grab 2 shiseido PN blushers, rm15 each, 1 ZA lippie rm8 and whitia vitamin c powder at rm8. most of the items discounted lagi.hhmm..but i'm satisfied with the blushers..
  12. i've changed the size..
  13. i'm not sure whether this one has been posted, but so far i didn't see any. received this email from a friend. too bad its on thursday n friday. sigh.
  14. i'm always in baby tee, jeans and platform or wedges. i don't wear high heels. and my sling bag (no handbag por moi please). sometimes i wear my pink converse coz there are so comfortable. i'll only dress up if i need to.
  15. i love FOS too....their baby tees are so cute and cool...most of my baby tees were bought there..but to me FOS' range of clothes is better than Reject Shop..