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  1. currently using rose & vanilla oil
  2. Go to Sungei Wang. There are alot of those kind of shop. They can teach you there...
  3. :lol: thanks sinister! happy valentines to you 2!!
  4. yay! finally!! thanks nicolette. will try that soon BTW, measurement by CUP?? how is that? how big the cup would be??
  5. Hiya kae_lyn! Welcome to myb, have fun posting yeah!
  6. Hiya michelle! welcome to myb, have fun posting
  7. 16 th February 1988
  8. Tracia is good! It does wonders for itchy scalps & dandruff as well. and the smell is really nice Head&Shoulders is good too but it tends to dry out my hair SO BAD!!
  9. hey scrubie! cute name there Welcome to MYB
  10. Sade - by your side
  11. Ive been informed. THanks for sharing anyway!
  12. Naw they werent powered lenses But anyhow thanks for ur concern
  13. 3 months straight yes. My eyes are different as in the vision.
  14. Maybe. Anything can happen
  15. OMG! that man freaked me out :-S