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  1. If you need any Laura Mercier product i can provide 30% off compared to retail price. More info here.
  2. LOL my fren just said the same thing. Laugh till tears come out right.
  3. ooops, wonder if i should have posted this in the "complain" thread.
  4. I really need to say this. Why SOME of the FHM covers can be so darn ugly? i just saw a May issue featuring Paris Hilton on cover, and it was the ugliest Paris pic i have ever seen. Even a candid shot of her dancing in the club looks better than that! Don't they have better picture to put? Why do they always make someone gorgeous look ugly? Like the recent Amber cover which got many bad comments, they didnt potray her best look too. She looks waaaaaaay better than that. C'mon, what are the photographers and editors doing?
  5. ANyone watched Big Fish? It's quite touching too at the end.
  6. i watched OSEAM. A korean animation. It's supposed to be touching but i felt abit bored.
  7. Try Charlie and the Chocolate Factory then, it got an 8 from me
  8. 1. Taegukgi. I cried till eye swollen in the cinema. SO paiseh.
  9. I have this classmate who is, obviously chinese ed, but speaks with a cheese knows what accent. Everytime she open her mouth i just wanna laugh. She "a-fy" everything. Like "actually", she would say "ARK-tually", then "have to" she would say "HARF-to". ROFL.
  10. It is obvious CLEO is talking bout them cuz there's no other Talent agency located in that particular place. A lot of girls already know they "cheat", but some frens of mine actually got jobs from them too.
  11. For tiramisu u can refer http://www.malaysianbabes.net/forum/index....wtopic=542&st=0 Personally i think the best one is in Seremban.
  12. Serious! No wonder they look the same. And i was thinking dunno who's copying who.
  13. Is Edi one of the mains? I thought it's about four Housewives only.
  14. U mean how often do i eat cheese? Your name answers it!
  15. Heeeeeeeelp! My hair is so oily i could fry a sunny side up with the oil accumulated. I have to wash it everyday if not it looks awfully oily. Any treatment i can do to reduce the oiliness?
  16. Erm, would anyone check the date i created this very first thread?
  17. Fiona working in 1U counter? i always go there and buy products one wor... which one is u eh? i only know Chris...
  18. Oh i eat organic stuffs too! it makes u feel better and healthier...
  19. Haiyo! All Astro's fault, see everyone thinks im a newbie now, LOL
  20. Walao so mean la you. Summore pick up WTC oredi ya... good good good. Loyal cheesiple incheese.
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