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  1. first of all, it's a good place to visit, thanks for visiting. LOL First you need to need to organize insurance. Try a local travel agent or your airline or airport for help on that. Next you need the flights to Melbourne. Try australian airlines Qantas (Our national airline, great service), Jetstar (Run by the same company as Qantas, cheaper flights), Virgin Blue or an American airline. A hotel/motel/hostel to stay. Because Melbourne airport is quite far away from the city or cbd (central business district, the middle of melbourne), so make sure you take the airport bus (It's red, you can't miss it!) or get a transfer with your hotel. Depending on your budget, you could try a hostel (Bunk rooms, backpacker-y), a motel (private rooms, cheaper though than a hotel) or a hotel, also depending on how long you are staying for. When you are in Melbourne, here are some tips, after living here my whole life, i know some tips. LOL * Use the City Circle Tram, it's an olden day tram and runs around the city counter-clockwise. *Go to Federation Square. At Fed Square, look for the tourist info place, it's like a giant diamond, enter, walk down the stairs and line up for help. The people there are soooo helpful, they plan everything, and can help with hotels, the tram, food, EVERYTHING. *Make sure you walk at the traffic lights, the victorian (melbourne) police are getting strict at people not crossing at lights, and fine them $200 aud. *use public transport, esp the FREE city circle tram. *make sure to visit everywhere that is free first, then spend money to get into places. *make sure you go to flinders street station, fed square, the museum, mcg, docklands. good luck, stay safe and HAVE FUN.
  2. some times long nails create such problems, but it also add beauty to your hand. Ask your beautician to set your lenses. have a great time ahead. cheers!
  3. Hi WhitneySoo, Melbourne is beautyful place to visit. Hope you will enjoy over there.   Have  a great trip!   cheers!
  4. You have got to read this Report on Chitrchatr Comunications, Inc (OTC:CHICF) www.chitrchatr.com:   -“…we believe the stock will be driven toward our $3.75 price target...”   -“...ChitrChatr UUCP will offer competitive long term advantages that could lead to the displacement of current, non-app integrated popular tools such as Skype or Whatsapp which have at one time or another been valued at over $1 billion...”   -“...Mobile VoIP Minute Growth Is Forecast to Grow From 15 Billion → 470 Billion in 5 Years...” -“...Juniper Research forecasts worldwide mobile VoIP application minutes via 3G growth from just over 343 million minutes in 2010 to 30 billion in 2015, and mobile VoIP minutes carried on 3G and 4G networks will increase from 15 billion in 2010 to a whopping 470 billion in 2015...” “…In our view, CHICF could ultimately be worth hundreds of millions since the ChitrChatr UUCP will offer competitive long term advantages that could lead to the displacement of current, non-app integrated popular tools such as Skype or Whatsapp which have at one time or another been valued at over $1 billion. As new users are signed up and development milestones are reached, we believe the stock will be driven toward our $3.75 price target…”   Click below to view the full report: http://tinyurl.com/goldmanreport :pimp:
  5. Hello guys,  Just want to know my  sister wedding is near and i am thinking to give her a gift to Booble head of both couples.Please recommend me any site where i can get it.Thanks in advance.
  6. I'm looking to book a trip to Venezuela in June for my boyfriend and I and am having a hard time finding tour agencies to book a trip. Does anyone know of any tour companies that create custom tours or package deals to Venezuela?
  7. Hello, My sister is intrersted in facelift plastic surgery  in miami ,Can anyone here help me in finding the bets surgeon in miami with less cost.Plaese rewcommend me asap .Thanks in advance.
  8. Tilly Shaw


    Hello guys, Me and my husband were going next month to venezuela,can anyone here could please recommend me some good places there to visit.Thanks.
  9. Hello All, I have acne on my forhead and chin ,just woondering to know some home made facials to get rid of acne and make face glow.Can any one here please give me sugestions how can i get rid of it.            
  10. I'm moving toward getting my nose penetrated however I don't need a colossal stud in my nose, just a little jewel. I was doubting that anyone realized what the extent of the definitive ring they give you is. Likewise, I’m apprehensive regarding the entire thing, so any and all counsel/ information might be amazing.
  11. What is a good way to lose fat in your face?I really want to get rid of my face fat but I don't know how. Please help?
  12. I have Celiac and I can only eat gluten-free, does anyone know if there are any weird sounding ingredients that dont say (wheat) in perentheses next to them? I'm trying to find out if I have to memorize weird ingredients containing gluten or if the weird ingredient will always have the perentheses. Thanks
  13. Is there is any way to get attractive pug nose without plastic surgery? Is there is any way possible to it? My nose is very ugly and as I can’t afford surgery expenses so I don’t want to go for any surgery. Can this is possible to get an attractive pug nose without surgery. Can you recommend me any real effective product that can help me in getting my nose reshaped?  
  14. Hey its really awesome tips... i also want to know that how much outdoor games are support for fitness of your body. Please suggest me. Also suggest me online shop to buy accessories that just simply make order and get accessories at home. I'd appreciate any advice.  
  15. I used to bite my nails too and they were so thin. I went to Sally's and purchased Nail life Nail Revitalizer. It wasn't too expensive and has done wonders for my nails. I always have clear polish on to protect the nails. Once a week I take off the polish, use a cuticle remover and push back the cuticles, buff the nails and then polish. My cuticles used to be really bad as well. Pushing them back with an orange stick and using a cuticle oil helped them not look so bad and you can use the orange stick to clean under your nails too..but do it gently. I was surprised at how fast my nails grew when i didn't bite them down to the quick. It takes time and a little effort but its worth it.Please share your ideas with me!!
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