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  1. i have more than 10. my favourite is Anna Sui, Dior and Chanel
  2. heard from many friends who have been using Monrose, all said very regret and warn me do not use it!
  3. see this:   http://www.stylecraze.com/articles/top-5-compact-powders-for-oily-skin/
  4.   better to use concealer than foundation..
  5.  can share how do u massage ??
  6. hahahaha this is so true and very funny, i must let my BF read 
  7.   the 3rd pcs is sooooo elegant!
  8. felt so sorry for your friends, but usually the bridal shop will ask the bride go and try again on the gown 2-3weeks before the big day to ensure the alteration and measurement are correct isn't it? why the bridal shop only ask your friend go down and collect the gown 2 days before the actual day?? from what i know was the bride should collect the gown min 1 weeks from the AD.
  9. the promotion always change & update every now and then, u should go and check it out
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