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  1. Its safe. Just as general internet user, we need to be careful with who we do the transaction with. For me all the items that I sold above RM700, I'd prefer a meet up and cod.. Carousell taught me this. Can read up more https://support.carousell.com/hc/en-us/articles/115009696128-How-to-deal-safely-on-Carousell Im not sure what are the schools listed there, but yes. its easier to sell things among your college mates/ alumni/ staff. If your school not on the list can try to request them.. the more students that requested, the faster they'll try to list your school
  2. I recommend you to download the apps, its easier to update the items that you want to sell and also easier to text/ reply buyers. just register an account or can just sign in using your fb account.
  3. Thats a nice idea though.. so that the clothes wont slip down right? but I just sell them on carousell... its easier than I thought. Now that I have better space, its easier to look at my clothes and choose what to wear
  4. This is totally relatable. I too usually would fold clean clothes regardless of material.. But nowadays i tend to let go when I dont wear them so that there are more space to hang new clothes
  5. ohhhh nooooo! dont u dare to drink lemon water if u have a gastrik because lemon got acid! and may i know where did u read the article?? if u keep on drink lemon water, will effect to ur intestine.
  6. agreed! coz buy at ur own risk laaaa hahahahaha... like me, i love cuckoo electronic product but no to their purifiers... cannot stand longer laaa and my kitchen is a wet kitchen and not suitable to put at coz the material of the dispenser itself.. drink normal water also can makes us health but alkaline water i dont know much about it coz to me, better refer to the doctor before u drink an alkaline water...
  7. i'm already survey but past few years ago and my mum too... i found coway got an exclusive look and easy to apply and easy to do a cancellation if once my mum dont want use it anymore yuppp we've got a same opinion .,, from unknown to well know brand my mum and i do a survey but we are not ready yet to install but after i do a research about coway then i will go for coway without no doubt
  8. woooooo looks nice ! how much this one?? I think after read this thread i want to ask my mum to install coway lah hahhahaahha everyday drink chlorine afraid our organ cannot function anymore hahahhaha
  9. i think its trueeee! because sometimes i can smell the water like swimming pool water u know! hahahaha so, yeahhhh i think ur friend tell the truth
  10. yeahh i heard the same things too.. go to C centre and see how it goes... so far, to me, its quite save more money because now im trying to get an asean tickets hehehehe ouhhhhh whyyy dearrrr... prepaid dont have so much rewards like C did...
  11. No wonder, many limited units selling fast. It's really good deal if they accept one time payment. I saw the sharp air purifier only cost rm80 from the original price 469. I want to place order d, before the item sold out.
  12. Courts is a big retailer that selling many brands product. So the quality should refer back to the brand products. I believe the quality should be up standard, but for normal shop lot. It's best to check carefully regarding the quality.
  13. The adaption you gave only for 15 cookies? What if I make 30? so I need to double up the adaption and how big is the size that you make? I am also quite a newbie in baking cookie. Normally more on baking cake.
  14. oohhhhhh i see.. thank for the info, i will looking for my refrigerator at courts online soon.. sound good for me ... mabye this week try to order at courts
  15. booking how does it take long? I think for people who are less moneyed better to pay monthly instead of buying with cash because if you buy in cash to the risk of not having money daily expenses are very high.
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