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  1. Thanks for the opinions. :-) Greekgod, it is not that I can't accept that I am not a virgin. I have not regrets at all. I am not even ashamed of it or keeping it a secret. I do not keep it a secret from my parents. When I started college and moved in with my boyfriend, my parents did not object. But they were mostly concerned that I should avoid unwanted pregnancies and diseases. The same goes with my friends. It is the norm here. It is very natural and healthy that two people who love and care for each other also love each other physically. I think in this day and age, it is hard to find an adult who is still a virgin. So I wonder if the situation is different in Malaysia? Why do men always assume that I am still a virgin. I wonder do I have to announce up front that I am not a virgin during my first date? Otherwise we would have to waste time getting to know each other before he gets disappointed that I am no longer a virgin...
  2. Or should I say, is it still common? I am a 26 year old expat from Taiwan. I have lived and travelled several places before, and I have been working in Malaysia for almost a year. Wonderful place and people :-) Well sex is not something we talk very openly at the workplace. But I feel out of place in Malaysia sometimes. At least among my female colleagues. I once overheard 2 Malaysian Chinese male colleagues in my office talking about me in the Bahasa Melayu language. They did not know I understood a little Bahasa. The previous day we were discussing about my boyfriend (now ex-bf) coming to visit me and cohabitating with me. Well the topic I started was about the price of renting a master bedroom in Kuala Lumpur, and I assumed the topic of sharing a bed was not a taboo topic. Anyway the 2 guys were apparently discussing my virginity, saying since I am Taiwanese, and obviously since I share a room with my partner, therefore I am not. The reason I am asking is because I have broken up with my Taiwanese ex. (He cheated on me). Recently I met a nice and wonderful Malaysian. But I think he did not want to continue our relationship after finding out I am not a virgin. However he did not mention this openly. :-( I find this very insulting, but I realize different countries have different cultures. *sigh*
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