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  1. [quote name='mebbe' timestamp='1345313162' post='612033'] I always think about how much I would wear it, and whether it's worth the price. That also depends on the brand. Nothing in Topshop is worth the price XD [/quote] yes,those high-priced clothes really don't worth the price, i like to buy what i like rather than what is expensive.
  2. [quote name='mebbe' timestamp='1345207697' post='612000'] I'm not a shopaholic (I'm very fond of my money) but I prefer to shop online because I'm more likely to find what I want than I would be walking into a mall. [/quote] i love my money very much, too, but i always can't resist the temptation.(
  3. [left]Are there any shopaholics here?cos i myself am a shopping mania,I like shopping online cos it’s cheap and convenient,and as a girl,I will never stick to one item for too long,what’s more,I might even wear that item only once, such as this cold shoulder t-shirt,[url="http://www.wholesale-orders.com/goods.php?id=50579"]http://www.wholesale-orders.com/goods.php?id=50579[/url] I was fond of it at the first sight,but after I had worn it for 2 or 3 times,I just feel I am not so like it as before,becos the clothes I bought are really cheap, I am not heart breaking at all to throw it away,then I can buy more, if you are shopaholics like me,can I know what attracts you to shopping online?[/left]
  4. [quote name='fred' timestamp='1345044325' post='611953'] There are quite a number of sites, depend on what you want. Normally I go direct to the brand's website, some suggestion here : [url="http://www.comgateway.com/CGW/com.comgateway.cgw.Home.do?pxmtcgtyxsd=1YnWfyYh24%2FgPMp6pjMmjEExDF8%3D"]http://www.comgatewa...Mp6pjMmjEExDF8=[/url] [/quote] is this site trustable?how is the quality compared with the wholesale sites, i registered at that site,i see there are a lot of shops there.
  5. [quote name='fred' timestamp='1344874747' post='611846'] Same here, normally I only shop in US websites, haven't really explore Malaysia's online shopping. [/quote] well, pls recommend some trustable shopping sites for me, thanks in advance.
  6. [quote name='shero' timestamp='1344571323' post='611722'] There's always risk taking if you purchase on line; i believe what the price you pay for, what quality you can get. [/quote] yep, but sometimes i always have the fluke mind to buy a nice thing at a low price, [quote name='mebbe' timestamp='1344608715' post='611740'] you also have to realize that ebay is [b]mainly [/b]for people selling USED stuff off. if you want a better guarantee on item quality, buy from an actual vendor NOT on ebay. pictures on ebay, unless it's obvious that it was taken with a noob camera, cannot exactly be trusted. I have tried to sell off my printer on ebay but because I didn't get an actual picture of it, I just used the one HP had for it. see what I'm saying? [/quote] so do you have any good place to buy nice things at, btw,not too expensive.
  7. [quote name='mebbe' timestamp='1344516419' post='611684'] one bad experience shouldn't ruin everything for you. did you check the seller's rating before you bought the item from him? were there pictures? [/quote] yes, the seller's rating is high,i also checked the pics,but when i complained this to him,he told me it is because the pics may not correspond 100percent of the product itself.
  8. Recently, I bought some dresses from ebay, the supplier is from hongkong of china, but when I received my package, it turned out that the quality is not favorable, then I gave feedback to the supplier, at last he compromised to give me a part of my money back, which makes me so so annoyed, I like shopping, but I am not going to buy from ebay any more, It was yesterday when I was browsing websites and I found [url="http://wholesale-orders.com/"]http://wholesale-orders.com/[/url], the clothes there are too cheap to be true, although the shipping fee is a little expensive, but I still wanna have a try, before placing my order on that site, I am here to ask you if you had ever bought on this site, cos I don’t want to be cheated again.
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